About the Company

Xelpmoc Design and Tech was incorporated as ‘Xelpmoc Design and Tech Private Limited’, a private limited company, under the Companies Act, 2013 on September 16, 2015 at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and the Certificate of Incorporation was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Karnataka at Bengaluru (RoC). The company was converted into a public limited company pursuant to a special resolution passed by its Shareholders on July 2, 2018 and the name of the company was changed to ‘Xelpmoc Design and Tech Limited’. Consequently, a fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon change of name upon conversion into public company was issued by the RoC on July 20, 2018.

The company commenced operations in Bengaluru, India, in 2015 and have since serviced enterprises across four states in India. Its business operations may broadly be categorized as technology services, and technology solutions/ products. It also occasionally provide business support to some of its clients to enable them to set-up their operations. The company is among the few technology service providers with accessibility to domain experts. It benefits from the expertise and experience of its Promoters and senior management in a range of sectors including financial services, retail, media and entertainment, and business services. It also carry out its operations through joint venture and associate.

The company is promoted by Sandipan Chattopadhyay, who has around two decades of experience in the information technology industry, Srinivas Koora, who has over 16 years of experience in the field of accounts and finance and is primarily responsible for devising the strategy for the company, and Jaison Jose who has been instrumental for the implementation of operational plans, operation strategies, budgets and forecasts at the corporate, regional and business unit level.

Business area of the company

The company is a provider of professional and technical consulting services, offering technology services and end-to-end technology solutions and support. The company’s clients range from entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises to established companies, engaged in e-commerce, transportation and logistics, recruitment, financial services, social networking, and various other industries. It provides a wide range of services, including, mobile and web application development, prototype development, thematic product development and data science and analytics assistance. It grows its portfolio of services and products as the needs of its clients evolve.

Major Events and Milestones

  • September 16, 2015: The company was incorporated as ‘Xelpmoc Design & Tech Private Limited’ with the Registrar of Companies, Karnataka at Bengaluru.
  • October 24, 2015: First Technology Services Agreement entered into with Fortigo Network Logistics Private Limited.
  • July 2, 2018 with effect from April 1, 2017: Entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Fortigo Network Logistics Private Limited.
  • October 31, 2017: First Agreement for rendering its services with a government organisation.
  • July 20, 2018: The company was converted from a private limited company to a public limited company, and the name of the company was changed to ‘Xelpmoc Design and Tech Limited’.
Parent OrganizationXelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd.Managing DirectorSandipan Chattopadhyay
Founded2015NSE SymbolXELPMOC