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F&O trading taking up all your time?
Let our next-gen broker, TIQS, do the heavy-lifting for you.

Meet India’s Best
Algo Trading Platform

Team Trinkerr has partnered exclusively with TIQS to provide you with India’s fastest and most reliable trading platform. TIQS is architected to meet the core requirements of active traders.
NSE-approved Algos
Best-in-class APIs
Blazing-fast Execution
Faster Ticks
Trinkerr Algos for Aggressive
& Conservative Option Sellers on TIQS
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Auto Adjustments
Automated rebalances, entries & exits once you take your position for the day.
100% pre-built strategies—no coding required.
Derived from financial metrics that determine option premiums.
Volatility Protection
Effective risk management, equipped with stop losses & exit conditions.
Level up your trading journey with the trust of Trinkerr and speed of TIQS. Access our algos on the TIQS broking platform (no extra charges except brokerage).
Complete your KYC and add funds to your TIQS account to get started.
Algo Performance Tracker
Last Week’s Return %
Returns are based on actual capital deployed, not the min. capital required.
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Daily Algo Trading Updates

● Algos for the Day
Discover which algos may perform the best in the market before 9.30 am.
● Daily Returns
Analyse the returns of the top-performing algos of the day after 3.30 pm.
● Overall Performance Tracking
Track the recent performance of all our algos from the chat history.
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To Take Your First Algo Trade
● Keep your AADHAAR and PAN cards handy.
● Make sure your AADHAAR and PAN cards are linked.
● If you get stuck during AADHAAR/PAN verification, please try again in sometime as there might be a delay in the CVL KRA or PAN site.
● Click your selfie in a well-lit space.
● To upload your signature, use a photo of your signature on blank paper in blue/black ink.
● If you face any issues with the onboarding process, please WhatsApp us on 7619599954 or 7349544155.
Frequently Asked Questions
TIQS is a stock broking platform that is superfast, tech-driven, reliable and seamless. Trinkerr has partnered with TIQS to elevate your trading journey with the power of automation and effective risk management.