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Learn only from the proven best with Trinkerr verfied returns. Engage with a like-minded community of stock market enthusiasts on Trinkerr feeds. Track the progress of your investments with ease.

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Whether you are looking to learn passive investing or active trading, we have got a mentor for you.

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See what our users have to say about Trinkerr

The Dinrick
11 July 2022

One of the most reliable and safe option of investing is Trinkerr. Easy to use and navigate. Simple yet amazing UI. Valuable information is also available. Very educative data to stay up to date. No ads and that's a really good part. Also the notification which I get from Trinkerr are really helpful because I usually stay busy with work but their notifications provide relevant information. Keep it up team.


Roshani Roshani
15 November 2022

This app is by far the simplest and most straightforward way to locate and choose the top companies from a real portfolio. Although there is still more study to be done, the user experience so far has been good; it could be worth a try. To conduct transactions, it effortlessly links to trading platforms. Carry on.


Jeetu Sen
18 November 2022

I've observed that using Trinkerr has been incredibly beneficial for my personal trade. Users can access current market information and in-depth analytical data from it. This tool, among many others, is one of my favourites for assisting in the selection of winning trading strategies. With only two clicks, Trinkerr makes it easy to follow an expert's portfolio.

Sathish Reddy A
15 November 2022

Its very helpful software for a layman like myself, with a user-friendly interface and fantastic functions, as well as constant notifications even when I'm not using the app.


Neeraj Choudhary
18 November 2022

I used to invest in mutual funds, but lately their returns have been flat because the bull run has been lacklustre. So I began investing through the Trinkerr app in one of my mentor's portfolios without having to pay any fees, and the returns and order history were completely transparent. At the moment, my Trinkerr portfolio is producing higher returns than a mutual fund portfolio.

Sumit Yadav
12 November 2022

extremely simple user interface that aids in market understanding through stock analysis and portfolio insights. It is excellent for beginners to learn and invest on the same platform. amazing client service


rohitraj 321
13 October 2022

By far, the greatest and easiest app to find and select the best stocks from a real portfolio is this one. Still researching, but user experience thus far has been positive; one should give it a shot. It seamlessly connects to trading platforms to carry out trades. Keep going.


Suraj Kumar
17 November 2022

I have been following Trinkerr podcasts for a long time but started investing only recently. I can vouch that this is one of the smoothest and most reliable app.


Giyan moorthy
15 October 2022

Undoubtedly a very helpful software for a novice like myself, with a user-friendly interface and fantastic functions, as well as constant notifications even when I'm not using the app

7 October 2022

The app is a game changer. The sheer potential that this app can be if all the feedbacks are incorporated is insane. I alone have a lot of ideas for it to be much much more than what it is now. Hope it brings more and more features in upcoming time. Great app.


Pramjeet Singh
15 October 2022

The most user-friendly trading app. The app contains useful features and insightful content. It has excellent usability. You can view the experts' actual portfolios. I had no idea trading could be that enjoyable and simple. One of the top knowledge-based stock market app.


Sourav Kalra
1 October 2022

One of the features I noticed is that you select a stock and all the feeds and portfolios related to it will be there for you to view. a very useful feature indeed when doing your own research

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