1. PAN card details are a prerequisite for redeeming to UPI. This is to calculate TDS applicable, if any, as per government rules & regulations
  2. A user must redeem their earned INR within 90 days from the credit date or they will expire
  3. A user can only redeem after they make a trade using a unique DEMAT account
  4. A user has to redeem a minimum of INR 200 in one go. Less than INR 200 cannot be redeemed
  5. A user can redeem a maximum of INR 2500 in a day. More than INR 2500 cannot be redeemed in a day
  6. Suspicious and fraudulent activities like using fake identities or someone else's DEMAT account may lead to freezing of Trinkerr coin redemption feature and/or banning from the system completely
  7. Trinkerr reserves the right to change applicable offers, Terms & Conditions at any point time
  8. Online bullying, spamming and inappropriate posts in feeds will lead to permanent banning of individual's Trinkerr account


  1. Trinkerr Learning Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a social trading company based in Bengaluru since 2021. The Company builds technology platforms for people to view and analyse what others are investing in.
  2. At Trinkerr, a user can create a private or a public portfolio based on their research, analysis and understanding. A user can find the best performing public portfolios in selected categories and follow any of those public portfolios. Once done, they would be able to get notified whenever any transaction happens in the public portfolio.
  3. By signing up on Trinkerr, you agree to let the Company use the information you gave to contact you through channels including but not limited to SMS / Whatsapp / Email / Push notifications / in-app notifications.
  4. You will be given virtual money for taking F&O positions, which has no real value, and any profits or losses you make during your trading sessions will be purely virtual and carry no real value or associated assets. It should be noted that Trinkerr or its suppliers will not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from the use of this trading platform.
  5. You hereby authorise Trinkerr Learning Technologies Private Limited, to contact you. This will override your registry on the NCPR. By providing your contact details you have expressly authorised Trinkerr Learning Technologies Private Limited to contact you in future through calls /SMS / E-mails and inform you about their products.
  6. You hereby authorise and give consent to Trinkerr Learning Technologies Private Limited to send you, either through itself or through any third party service provider, from time to time various information/ alert messages or calls or commercial communication, and other services on the aforesaid listed telephone numbers, whether these numbers are registered with National Do Not Call Registry/ listed in National Customer Preference Register or not. You also confirm that by sending, of such messages/ calls you will not hold Trinkerr Learning Technologies Private Limited liable/ institute complaint under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (TRAI) Regulations, 2010 or such other applicable regulations including any amendment thereof, as may be applicable from time to time. It will be auto renewed every month and if you want to stop this service please write an email to support@trinkerr.com
  7. A portfolio is a basket of stocks, ETFs, Gold, Commodity, Futures, and Options weighted intelligently based on its creator's particular objective or strategy.
  8. Any user who is willing to share all of their trades and portfolio and related information with other users can create a public portfolio on Trinkerr - both in realtime and later.
  9. Trinkerr will integrate with the available stockbrokers to enable trading transactions on the Platform. Trinkerr would act as an interface between the users and their respective stock brokers to power transactions in a secured and compliant manner. Order information will never be used for purposes other than what it was acquired for.
  10. The Platform does not guarantee the public portfolio creators that the users following their shared portfolio will not execute similar trades.
  11. We may share your information including personal information to third parties to carry out technical, logistical, and other functions on our behalf in order to make the services we offer to you better.
  12. The Company will never share your data with third parties unless it is for reasons already covered in this document or through your consent.
  13. The Platform facilitates the users to find public portfolios suitable to the users' investment objectives through a list of pre-set algorithms and parameters; such parameters are identified based on criteria determined by the users themselves. While the Platform provides a list of public portfolios, the users are free to select and follow any such portfolio without any intervention by the Platform. The Platform does not identify an appropriate portfolio for a user to follow based on the risk appetite, investment objectives or other attributes. While the Platform allows the users to view the trades executed in a public portfolio and alerts the users when a new trade is executed in the portfolio, the users have complete discretion while deciding to adopt the trading strategy employed by the portfolio creator. The alert given by the Platform, in this case, is a mere technical functionality provided by the Platform for the benefit of the users, and it is not investment advice generated for such users.
  14. The Platform allowing users to view the trades executed in public portfolios shall not be considered investment advice. The users should consult their financial advisors before carrying out any trades/ investments. The decision to share the trades carried out by public portfolio creators with the other users on the Platform is taken independently out of their free will and volition. The Platform offers no incentives to the public portfolio creators to either execute their trades through the Platform or share such trades with the other users.
  15. It may be noted that any incentives offered by the Platform to public portfolio creators are not based on the number of trades executed by the followers of such users. The incentives shall not be construed as an inducement/ encouragement to execute their trades through the Platform or to share the trades executed by them with the other users on the Platform. It may further be noted that, as these incentives are not linked to the trades carried out by the followers of a public portfolio creator, such incentives shall not be deemed as investment advisory fees, and the users hosting such public portfolios shall not be considered as IAs.
  16. The Platform would be sharing the trades executed by users creating a public portfolio with all their followers and other users. The Platform would be analysing these trades on predetermined criteria/ parameters to analyse the performance of any public portfolio and its creator. The followers of a public portfolio would have the option to adopt the trading strategy employed by its creator. As per Regulation 21)(l) of the IA Regulations, investment advice means advice relating to an investment in securities or investment. While a public portfolio creator will be permitting other users to view their trades and portfolio, these users will not be providing any advice on securities or investments. Any user on the Platform can merely view the trades executed in the public portfolio, and the same cannot be considered investment advice. People following a general portfolio have the discretion to carry out their research and analysis while employing a similar trading strategy. They are responsible for determining whether a particular trading strategy used in a public portfolio is suitable. Thus, merely permitting other users to view one's trades and adopt similar trading strategies at their discretion cannot be considered as investment advice.
  17. A user will receive alerts regarding the trades carried out in a public portfolio they follow. It should be noted that no fee is charged from any user for receiving any alerts on the trades carried out in a public portfolio they follow. Such alerts are issued by the Platform completely free of cost. Furthermore, it is understood that no impression is given to followers that such sharing of trades, or alerts regarding the trades carried out in a public portfolio they follow, shall be construed as investment advice. Allowing the users to view the trades executed in a public portfolio should not be considered investment advice. The users should consult their financial advisors before carrying out any trades/ investments.
  18. The content and data available on the Trinkerr website and app, including but not limited to portfolio index value, portfolio return numbers and absolute portfolio returns, are for information and illustration purposes only.
  19. Charts and performance numbers might include backtested/simulated results calculated via a standard methodology and do not include the impact of transaction fees and other related costs. Data used to calculate historical returns and additional information is provided by exchange approved third-party data vendors and has neither been audited nor validated by the Company.
  20. Trinkerr is not licensed to any exchange, trading or settling venue outside India.
  21. Trinkerr.com sources real-time market data from an exchanged approved vendor. Prices shown on the website and Trinkerr app may be delayed, and Trinkerr Learning Technology is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the prices. Before order placement, you will see the Level 1 market depth of the instrument on the Trinkerr website or app.
  22. All the comparison matrices and information present on Trinkerr.com help investors in their learning and decision-making process. It shall not be considered as a recommendation or investment advice. Past performance does not guarantee future returns, and the performance of portfolios are subject to market risk.
  23. The index value of any portfolio is taken as a base value of 100 on the portfolio's inception date. It is not linked to an index developed by the NSE Indices. The change in index value from 100 is then compared with the NIFTY 50 index value.