About the Company

Waterbase Limited is the largest integrated aquaculture unit in India located in the heart of shrimp country at Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. The company's mission is to give customers the best value for money with quality seed, feed, or processed produce.

The company began operations in 1993 and has stood committed to following and disseminating the best aquaculture techniques. Today, the company is a $18 million company (Rs 1 billion) with facilities that comprise a shrimp hatchery, feed plant, grow-out farms, and an ultra-modern process plant.

Waterbase Limited is a part of the 80-year-old, $ 2 billion Thapar Group, one of India's largest business houses. The Thapar Group has interests in areas such as paper, chemicals, glass, textiles, electronics, light and heavy engineering.

Raw or cooked, peeled or unpeeled, breaded and battered; it exports shrimp in different forms to the quality-conscious markets of Japan, USA, and Europe. In addition, the company supplies value-added shrimp in different forms to many of its customers.

Species it grows and processes:

Black Tiger, (P Monodon), White (P Indicus), Scampi (M. Rosenbergii)

Aquaculture is a business that demands constant monitoring and innovation. The company's process is geared to grow, harvest, and process quality shrimp. It follows HACCP guidelines and is among the few Indian companies that have FDA approval for exports to USA.

Product range of the company includes:


  • Headless Shell-on block frozen


  • Head-on block frozen


  • Full range


  • Peeled Deveined Tail On

Stretched/Tray pack

Cooked - full range

Raw breaded butterfly shrimp

Value-added convenience foods

World-class feed for different types of shrimp culture

  • Ultra
  • Tiger bay
  • Supreme extensive
  • Magnum scampi feed



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Parent OrganizationWaterbase Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1987NSE SymbolWATERBASE