About the Company

T T K Healthcare Ltd was incorporated in 1958 and went public in the same year. The company's brand wagon consists of products that are sought after by a wide range of customers. The Woodward's Gripe Water brand is the market leader in the baby care category. The Eva range of personal care products (Talc, Deodorant, Skincare) bring together the gentle touch of nature, backed by TTK's extensive research.

TTK Healthcare has an All India sales and distribution network for marketing not only their own products, but also the KIWI Brand (Shoecare), Brylcreem (Haircare) and Kohinoor and Durex brands (Contraceptives). The company also specializes in sales and distribution in India as a joint venture partner. It has a successful tie up with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Pvt. Ltd. and TTK-LIG Ltd. The company's distribution network comprises of 2800 redistribution stockists who cover both the urban and rural consumers.

TTK Healthcare has three Strategic Business Units

  • Pharamaceuticals Divison - TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division has many breakthrough herbal and allopathic formulations, across various therapeutic segments. The range includes calcium supplements, haematinics, cervical dilators, thrombolytic agents, rejuvenators, multimineral supplements, liver correctives and pain management products.
  • Consumer Products Division - The Consumer Products Division(CPD) markets and distributes Woodward's Gripe Water - the undisputed market leader in the baby care category - and the recently introduced Woodward's Baby Soap. Besides handling the national distribution of Durex and Kohinoor condoms, the division also distributes Brylcreem Haircare and Toiletry Products and Kiwi's shoe care range.
  • Biomedical Devices Division- The TTK Heart Valve Division manufactures and distributes India's first indigenous heart valve prosthesis - the tilting-disc TTK Chitra Heart Valve. The only Indian-made heart valve, it is also the most price-friendly and so far nearly 18,000 Chitra valves have been successfully implanted in patients. Initially conceived in 1978, the heart valve being a critical implant, went through the most painstaking development for 12 years at the prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), Trivandrum, India - an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

TTK the three letters that stand for quality consumer products at affordable prices. A reputation built across eight decades. An organization that started out as an indenting agency and grew to what it is today with path-breaking marketing ideas. Those core values that created TTK into a force to be reckoned with continue to define the framework of the TTK Group even today.

Product range of the company includes:

Personal care- Eva range of women’s personal care products


  • Calcium Supplement Range
  • Delivery Care Range
  • Women's Care Range
  • Haematinic Range
  • Pain Management Range
  • Neurotrophic Range
  • Gastro Intestinal Range
  • Male Fertility Range
  • Nutritional Range
  • Cardiac Care Range

Baby Care:

  • Woodward’s Baby Bath
  • Woodward’s Gripe Water

Animal Care

  • Livestock- Wide range of medicines, tonics and productivity boosters.
  • Poultry- High quality medicines and feed supplements for good productivity
  • Medicines, tonics and supplements for Pets.

Heart Valve - India's first indigenous heart valve prosthesis - the tilting-disc TTK Chitra Heart Valve.

Food - TTK Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets are available in a variety of flavors, shapes, colours and designs

Maps- The Publications Division of TTK Healthcare is the largest producer of maps and map-based publications in the private sector.

Achievements/ recognition:

  • Besides being the first pharmaceutical company in India to be awarded the ISO certification by BIS, TTK Healthcare was also the first to launch technology-driven life-saving products like Urokinase and Dopamine.
  • The first company to launch technology driven life saving products like Urokinase and Dopamine
  • The first to develop a product based on traditional knowledge - LACTARE for Lactation
Parent OrganizationTTK Healthcare Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1958NSE SymbolTTKHLTCARE