About the Company

TPL Plastech was incorporated in the year a982 and its chairman is Sanjay Kulkarni. The company is based in Mumbai. The company is listed in group ‘B’ of the BSE. As of June 14 2006, TPL Plastech Limited operates as a subsidiary of Time Technoplast Ltd.

TPL Plastech Limited manufactures extrusion blow moulded high molecular high density polyethylene containers/barrels in India. Its products are used as packaging materials in the packaging of viscous liquids, chemicals, dyestuffs, bulk pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals.

TPL enjoys strong operational and product support from its parent, Time Technoplast Limited, the market leader in the domestic industrial packaging industry. Consequently, TPL is well-placed to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in this market.

Over the years, TPL Plastech Limited has achieved the distinction of being the second largest manufacturer of HMHDPE barrels in India providing quality alternative barrels at affordable prices. The market segment for barrels appreciates the presence of the company for strategic reasons, as well.

Future plans:

In the year 2009, the company acquired approximately 9030 sq. meters (18 Kannals) of land for the Jammu project. Building and shed work are completed and major parts of the machineries are identified and ready for dispatching .The company has obtained necessary permission/approvals from concerned departments, except electricity connection from the J&K Electricity Department but has received the approval to run a 750 KVA D G set.

The project is delayed due to strained situation in the state in last quarter of the year. However, the company is all set to implement and commission the project in the year 2009.

Parent OrganizationTPL Plastech Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1992NSE SymbolTPLPLASTEH