About the Company

Founded in 1975, Tips Industries Limited is one of the oldest companies in the Indian M&E Industry. Mr. Kumar Taurani and Mr. Ramesh Taurani, the co-founders of TIPS, are well-known names in the Indian M&E space with a proven track record of producing films that have wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

The company was incorporated on May 8, 1996 under Chapter IX of the Companies Act, 1956. The company currently owns many titles of which a minimum of 10 have been 10 million sellers, and over 15 have grossed more than 5 millions in sales and another 20 have bagged sales of about a million. Since the year 1981, the company has the highest number of gold and platinum discs to their credit in comparison with any other record label in India.

The company also holds soundtrack copyrights of at least 50 Hindi movies, while the soundtrack copyright of each movie costs about a million dollars and another million dollars is spent on promotion.

Similarly, the company boasts of its own distribution system. It possesses a set of distributors handling only Tips products, an exceptional phenomenon in the Indian music industry as mostly distributors are found dabbling in the product of more than one record label.

The company also owns two factories which use internationally recognized, state of the art machines specially imported from Italy and Denmark, such as Otari, Lyrec and Tapematics. These factories incorporate digital bin mastering facilities, work on just-in-time inventory management system and use in-house logistics facilities to deliver lacks of cassettes per day to the Indian market.

In what serves as a testimony to the company’s success, the company has offices located in the United States, Dubai and England where it operates via its licenses. It also distributes products in South Africa, Israel, Malaysia and is currently looking for aggressive distribution and expanding its repertoire in other markets.

Business area of the company

TIPS is a leading company in the Media & Entertainment Industry, engaged in the production and distribution of films and leveraging its audio content library digitally in India and overseas. The company is also a leading producer of Punjabi films in the country.

One of the strongest assets of TIPS is its rich and evergreen music collection. Its large and diversified music library has a collection of over 29,000 songs across all genres and major languages. The songs are digitized and available on all the leading online music stores, applications, and web platforms.

Parent OrganizationTips Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorKumar S Taurani
Founded1996NSE SymbolTIPSINDLTD