About the Company

State Trading Corporation of India (STC) incorporated in 1956 is a premier international trading house owned by the Government of India. The Corporation has developed vast expertise in handling bulk international trade. Though, dealing largely with the East European countries during the early years of its formation, today it trades with almost all the countries of the world.

By virtue of infrastructure and experience possessed by the Corporation, it plays an important role in arranging import of essential items into India and developing exports of a large number of items from India. It exports a large number of items ranging from agricultural commodities to manufactured products from India to all parts of the world. Because of Corporation's in depth knowledge about the Indian market, STC is able to supply quality products at most competitive prices and ensure that the goods reach the foreign buyer within the prescribed delivery schedule. It also imports bulk commodities for Indian consumer as per demand in the domestic market at most competitive prices making use of its global strengths.

The company has 9 branch offices at Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jalandhar, Bhopal, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Agra. Further, the company also has sub branches in Cochin, Guntur, Raipur, Jaipur, Gandhidham, Coimbatore.

Business Areas :

Exports from India -STC exports a diverse range of items to a number of destinations throughout the world. Exports by STC vary from traditional agricultural commodities to sophisticated manufactured products such as wheat, cashew, coffee, rice, tea, tobacco & rubber, sugar, extractions, opium, HPS groundnut, spices, castor oil and seeds, jute goods, chemicals drugs & medical disposables, engineering and construction materials, consumer products, textiles and garments, leatherwear, processed foods, iron ore and steel raw materials. STC makes purposeful use of its world-wide connections, abundant experience, up-to-date information about the market trends and long term perspective on various commodities to ensure competitive prices, right quality and adherence to delivery schedules to the buyers abroad. 

Imports from India- STC imports a number of essential commodities to cover the domestic shortfalls and hold the price line. It imports products such as edible oils, sugar, wheat, fatty acids, pulses, hydrocarbons, gold and silver, minerals/metals, petro-chemicals, fertilisers, scientific instruments and hospital/ police equipments, FMCG goods and IT products. In the process, the Corporation makes the best use of its strength in handling bulk imports, vast infrastructure and above all an experience of over four decades in fulfilling the needs of the industry.

Services- STC acts as an expert guide for buyers interested in Indian goods. For them, STC finds the best Indian manufacturers, undertakes negotiations, fixes delivery schedules, oversees quality control-all the way to the final shipment to the entire satisfaction of the buyer. STC helps thousands of Indian manufacturers to find markets abroad for their products. STC assists the manufacturers to use the best raw materials, guides and helps them manufacture products that will attract buyers abroad. The Indian consumers also benefit from STC's expertise and infrastructure. STC imports essential commodities for them to cover shortfalls arising in the domestic market. During the last one decade, STC imported sugar, wheat and pulses to meet domestic requirements at a very short notice. Some of the other services offered by STC to the Indian manufacturers include:

  • Financial assistance to exporters on easy terms
  • Taking products of small scale manufacturers to international trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Import of machinery and raw material for export production
  • Assistance in the areas of marketing, technical know-how, quality control, packaging,  documentation, etc
  • Supply of imported goods in small quantities as per convenience of buyers
  • Market intervention on behalf of the Government
Parent OrganizationThe State Trading Corporation Of India Ltd.Managing DirectorHardeep Singh
Founded1956NSE SymbolSTCINDIA