About the Company

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC) is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on continuously improving standards of care for patients globally, through innovation in therapeutics and delivery. SPARC was formed in 2007 through a demerger from SUN PHARMA, a global leader in speciality generics. It strive to build an enduring innovation engine built on strong scientific execution, high value analytics and aggressive portfolio management. A robust mix of internal ideation and strategic partnering with academic innovators and bio-pharma entrepreneurs fuel engine with potentially high impact ideas.

The company partner with thought-leading clinicians across the world for ideas and access. Innovation through integration of partner knowledge and efficient internal execution shapes future. SPARC is a vibrant innovation community spread over three locations globally. It endeavour to develop a meritocracy which takes pride in continuous learning and re-invention. SPARC is a responsible public company committed to maintaining highest standards of ethics and transparency.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in the pharmaceutical research and development. The company’s core focus is innovation and new product development for global markets. SPARC undertakes projects in research and technology for new chemical entities (NCE’s) or new molecules, and novel drug delivery systems (NDDS).


  • Therapeutic Focus (Oncology, Neuro Degeneration, Ophthalmology, Dermatology)
  • Delivery Technologies (Gastro Retentive Innovative Device, Wrap Matrix, Abuse Deterrent Program, Nanotecton Technology, Dry Powder Inhalation, TearAct, Lipixelle, Gel Free Reservoir)
  • Research Programs (Taclantis, SCO - 088, SCD - 044, SCC - 138, SCO - 120)


  • 2006: SPARC is founded in Vadodara, India
  • 2007: Innovative R&D business was demerged from Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited to focus on innovative drug research
  • 2007: Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India
  • 2012: 1st NDA filed with USFDA for Elepsia XR
  • 2012: Raised Rs. 200 crore through Rights Issue
  • 2013: Filed NDA for Xelpros with USFDA
  • 2014: US rights for Xelpros licensed to a subsidiary of Sun Pharma
  • 2015: Entered into research collaboration in the field of Oncology with US University
  • 2015: Launched Bevetex (PICS) in India
  • 2016: Raised Rs. 250 crore through Rights Issue
  • 2017: Secured funding of up to Rs. 500 crore through Preferential Allotment of warrants convertible into equity shares
  • 2018: Entered into collaboration with Schrödinger to accelerate Neurodegeneration Drug Development Programs
  • 2018: Positive top line results reported for the pivotal bioequivalence study of Taclantis (Paclitaxel Injection Concentrate for Suspension)
  • 2018: US FDA approved Xelpros for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension
  • 2019: Entered into licensing agreement with Bioprojet SCR to acquire exclusive rights for Investigational Medicinal Product, SCD-044
  • 2019: Entered into a licensing deal with China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS) to develop and commercialize multiple products in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan
  • 2019: Orphan Drug Designation received from the US FDA for SPARCs neonatal seizures drug, Phenobarbital
  • 2019: Orphan Drug Designation received from the US FDA for SPARCs Chronic Myeloid Leukemia drug, SCO-088
  • 2019: NDA for Taclantis (Paclitaxel Injection Concentrate for Suspension) accepted by US FDA for review
  • 2019: Entered into collaboration with HitGen for Innovative Drug Discovery Research
  • 2020: Entered into a worldwide license agreement for SCD-044 with Sun Pharma
  • 2020: Entered into collaboration with the University of Michigan to kickstart research and development of potential new medications
Parent OrganizationSun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd.Managing Director
Founded2006NSE SymbolSPARC