About the Company

Shriram City, incorporated in the year 1986, is prominent in the retail financing space, and among the largest financiers of MSMEs and Two Wheelers in the country. It also offers multiple loan products for acquiring assets such as commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and home loans. In addition, it offers loan against gold ornaments and for personal consumption. A deposit-accepting NBFC, Shriram City is a part of Shriram Group which is in the forty-fifth year of its existence. The Company has an all-India presence with many branches. Shriram City Union Finance (the Company) is a public limited company domiciled in India and incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. Its shares are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Business area of the company

The Company is primarily engaged in the business of financing small and medium enterprises, dispensing loans for acquiring two-wheelers (both new and pre-owned), pre-owned cars, commercial vehicles and loan against pledged jewels. It also provides personal loans. The Company is a Deposit Accepting Non- Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered as a Loan Company with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Home Loan

Milestones and achievements

  • 1986: Shriram City Incorporated
  • 2002: Begins small ticket retail financing foray
  • 2003: Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange
  • 2005: Listed on the National Stock Exchange; expands loan products and geographies
  • 2006: Launches Small Enterprise Finance. 1st Preferential Allotment to Private Equity Investors at the rate of Rs 160 per share
  • 2007: Introduces Loan against Gold
  • 2008: 2nd Preferential Allotment to Private Equity Investors at Rs 400 per share
  • 2010: Net Worth reaches `1,000 Crores; launches Housing Finance subsidiary
  • 2011: Completes 25 years in business; launches a maiden debt public issue. Shriram Housing Finance Ltd. attracts Private Equity Investment
  • 2012: Successfully launches follow-on debt public issue. Shriram Housing commences lending operations. Shriram City is rated India’s largest Small Enterprise Finance Company in the Small Loans segment by Frost and Sullivan
  • 2013: Social Audit Report generated and released by the then Hon’ble Finance Minister of India. Report shows how the community of Shriram City’s customers have benefited by the Company’s manner of doing business.
  • 2015: CFO of the Company wins the ‘Best Performing CFO in the NBFC Sector’ award from the TV Channel CNBC TV18
  • 2016: Shriram City becomes the largest financier of two wheelers in the country, based on volume
  • 2016-17: Income from Operations grew by 15.6% to Rs 4432 crore from Rs 3835 crore in 2015-16
  • 2016-17: Assets under Management increased by 18.2% to Rs 23132 Crores from Rs 19576 crore in 2015-16
  • 2016-17: Net Owned Funds increased by 11.5% to Rs 5025 crore from Rs 4505 crore in 2015-16
  • 2018-19: Digitally enabled and well positioned to exploit multiple growth opportunities
  • 2018-19: Focus on credit quality and collections
  • 2018-19: Differentiated product offering with high entry barriers
  • 2019-20: Increased focus on secured business to fulfill the rising demand for collateral backed receivables
  • 2019-20: Allocated more funding to the two-wheeler segment
  • 2019-20: Opted for the lower corporate tax rate
  • 2019-20: Expanded reach across the country by leveraging existing branch network
Parent OrganizationShriram City Union Finance Ltd. - (Amalgamated)Managing DirectorYS Chakravarti
Founded1986NSE SymbolSHRIRAMCIT