About the Company

Shreyas Shipping & Logistics, a Transworld Group of company, was incorporated in the year 1988 as a private limited company primarily to own and operate vessels for feedering of containers between Indian ports and internationally renowned container transshipment ports.

The Transworld Group was established by R Sivaswamy. He developed a fascination with the sea and vowed that one day he would have a ship of his own. In 1977, he founded the Transworld Group and navigated it through its formative years, establishing it as a reputed shipping company in India and the Gulf. Today, the Transworld Group is expanding its businesses through innovations stemming form a global perspective.

The Group has a total of 25 years experience in the shipping industry. Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd became first Indian private sector container feeder operator and first Indian shipping company to get ISO 9002 for container ship and feeder service management. The first and only operator on the containersed coastal shipping trade.

Subsequent to this, the promoters inducted the vessel M.V. Orient Triumph as part of their equity participation in the project. This vessel was registered in India on 27th January 1994 and thereafter taken under our service. This vessel was later renamed MV Orient Prosperity.

Due Growth in overall EXIM volumes, increase in size of main line feeder vessels/wider coverage of ports, growth of domestic cargo by sea, Shreyas Shipping growth plan incorporated in line with future growth of feeder as well as domestic cargo movement by sea. Shreyas vessel acquisition was made in line with the trade growth and requirement which is given as under:-

  • M.V.Orient Independence - Jan 1995
  • M.V.OEL Patriot - July 1997
  • M.V. OEL Strength June 2001
  • M.V.OEL Aishwarya - September 2002
  • M.V.OEL Victory - January 2005
  • M.V.PU Trusty - August 2006
  • M.V.Independent Spirit - December 2006

Containerization has emerged as an integral part of world trade and commerce, as it is an economical and efficient medium to facilitate the transportation of cargo between places. Due to this advantage, the concept of containerization has grown rapidly over the last decade all over the world including India . Further, with the series of liberalization measures taken by Government of India with particulars accent on exports, containerized trade has grown phenomenally in the recent past and shows positive signs of further growth.

Container feeder service covers carriage of containers of main line container operators from Indian ports to proximal well equipped international container transshipment terminals like Dubai, Korfakkan & Jebel Ali in UAE, Colombo & Singapore. Shreyas pioneered the concept of coastal feedering by connecting Kandla with JNPT and slowly connected all the ports on the west coast of India and established the feeder operation between two Indian ports. Shreyas pioneered the concept of domestic cargo movement by sea between Kandla/Pipavav and south Indian ports like Cochin and Tuticorin.

Main lines operating global container liner services in today's context rely exclusively on feeder container ships for connectivity of their containers to and from their vessels to all ports. As only few Indian terminals provides the facilities for operating main line vessels hence all other ports need assistance of feeder vessels to carry out the containerized trade.

The customers for feeder service are the main line operators and their basis of selection of a feeder operator hinges on factors such as frequency of sailings, experience of feeder operator suitability of their vessels, and their integrity and consistency of operations. Shreyas being pioneers in feeder service in the Indian subcontinent enjoys excellent rapport with almost all main line Ooperators in India .

Business area of the company:

The service activity of Shreyas Shipping & Logistics consists of following:-

  • Common Feeder Carrier
  • Domestic Logistic Service by Sea Mode
  • Regional Services
  • Chartering


Shreyas Relay Systems Limited (SRSL) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Limited. SRSL commenced its operations in August, 2005 and is dedicated towards offering focused terrestrial logistics services including mid-size parcel services. It carries on business of domestic multimodal transportation, international liner services and supply chain management thereby offering comprehensive solutions to its clients. It believes in providing Speedy, Reliable and Safe solutions to its customers and therefore the name SRSL

Achievements/ recognition

  • The first Indian shipping company to get ISO 9002 certification for container ship and feeder service management.
  • The first and only operator on the containers coastal shipping trade.
Parent OrganizationShreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd.Managing DirectorMilind Patankar
Founded1988NSE SymbolSHREYAS