About the Company

Sequent Scientific earlier known as P I Drugs & Pharmaceuticals is an integrated  pharmaceutical company. Hon'ble High Court of Bombay approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of company with P I Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pursuant to the Scheme of Amalgamation as approved by the Honourable High Court Bombay vide its order dated June 16, 2009 Company  made requisite application to the Registrar of Companies Mumbai for change of its name from PI Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. to Sequent Scientific Ltd. Accordingly Registrar of Companies approved the application and issued fresh Certificate of Incorporation consequent upon change in name dated October 27, 2009 and with effect from the date the name of Company  changed to Sequent Scientific Ltd.

SeQuent is looking towards the future with courage and confidence, because of the critical role it can play to help make a difference in global economic progress and social wellbeing. Ever since inception in 2002 SeQuent has emerged as an integrated pharmaceutical company with a global footprint, operating in the domains of Animal Health (API and formulation) and Human health (API).

It has branded its Animal Health business as Alivira Animal Health with a singular focus to create value in the global animal health space. We cater to unaddressed global market requirements and focus on products for livestock, poultry and companion animals.

P I Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. established in 1991 was a leading manufacturer, exporter of specialized quality formulations having an objective of fulfilling the diverse demands of pharmaceutical industry.

Business area

It is  focused on the development and supply of high-value, low-volume niche and complex APIs, with a wide presence across therapies like anti-malarial, anthelmintics, anti-infective, antiviral, CNS and dermatology.

Sequent has invested in facilities with an objective of creating an integrated, flexible unit capable of manufacturing several niche & complex APIs. The manufacturing facalities are capable of meeting the growing demand of our key products in the USFDA and WHO regulated markets.

Alivira is one of the world's leading producers of Animal Health APIs, and it is gradually emerging as a powerhouse in the global animal health business. The brand is strengthened by best-in-class manufacturing capacities, robust product portfolio, wide market presence and cutting-edge R&D capabilities.

Alivira has state-of-the-art API manufacturing facility at Vizag with a present production of 1,000 MT with scalable capacities. Alivira is set to cater to the growing global API requirements.

Alivira's formulation business has been strengthened by its acquisition in Provet, Turkey. With this we have a formulation facility in Ambernath. We are using in-licensing to strengthen our product portfolio and M&A's to widen our market coverage.

The therapies targeted are anthelmintics (endo and ecto parasiticides), anti-protozoals, nutraceuticals, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anti-infectives and dermatology.

Product range of the company includes:

  • Aciclovir Sodium
  •  Albendazole
  •  Artemether
  •  Artesunate
  •  Amyl Meta Cresol
  •  Citicoline Sodium
  •  Colchicine
  •  Dihydroartemisinin
  •  Ertapenem 
  •  Etomidate
  •  Hydralazine Hcl
  • Imiquimod
  • Indomethacin Sodium
  • DL-Selenomethionine  
  • Lumefantrine
  • Methoxsalen
  • Midazolam
  • Mivacurium Chloride 
  • Oseltamivir Phosphate
  • Piperaquine Phosphate
  • Praziquantel
  • Rifaximin   
  • Succinyl Choline Chloride
  • Warfarin


2013 -Sequent receives US FDA Approval for ITS API Drug Manufacturing Facility at Mangalore. -Sequent Scientific Ltd & Shasun Pharmaceuticals Ltd announce Joint Venture to Create Leading Animal Health Company.
2014 -SeQuent Scientific Limited announces completion of Sale of Specialty Chemicals division to Songwon Industrial Group. -Sequent Scientific to acquire the business of Arvee Synthesis Acquisition to provide impetus to Human API business. -Sequent Scientific - Updates - Alivira completes acquisition of majority stake in Provet Veterinary Products AS, Turkey.
2015 -SeQuent Scientific to acquire Animal Health business of Lyka Exports -SeQuent Scientific inaugurates new Analytical Services Centre at Bengaluru
2016 - SeQuent Scientific to acquire controlling stake in Indo Phyto Chemicals Forays into steroids and hormone -Sequent Scientific commences production in Vizag facility

Parent OrganizationSequent Scientific Ltd.Managing DirectorRajaram Narayanan
Founded1985NSE SymbolSEQUENT