About the Company

Incorporated in 1980, Ruchira Papers Limited is conceived by Umesh Chander Garg, Jatinder Singh and Subhash Chander Garg. The company commenced operations with a production capability of 7 tonnes per day (TPD) of Kraft paper, which is now 400 TPD of Kraft Paper and writing and printing paper. The company’s Kraft paper includes bearing capacity and tensile strength, which makes it the most fitting for corrugated packing application. The company established a manufacturing plant in Kala-Amb, district Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing of Kraft Paper and Writing & Printing Paper. The Kraft Paper is being manufactured by using waste paper and agriculture residues, such as Bagasse, wheat straw, sarkanda etc. The Writing and Printing Paper is being manufactured by using agricultural residues, such as wheat straw, Baggase, sarkanda, Softwood Pulp and other fillers. The company has made proactive investments in chemical recovery, effluent treatment and power co-generation plants on the one hand and the consumption of renewable agro-based raw material on the other.


  • 1980: Went into business
  • 1983: Commenced commercial production of Kraft paper with 7 TPD
  • FY92-94: Installed PM-2 for manufacturing Kraft paper
  • FY05-06: Crossed the turnover threshold of Rs 50 crore
  • FY06-07: Made an Initial Public Offer of Rs 2850 lakh; listed on NSE and BSE
  • FY07-08: Commenced the manufacturing of writing & printing paper
  • FY09-10: Crossed Rs 200 crore in turnover
  • FY12-13: Crossed Rs 300 crore in turnover
  • FY15-16: Certified for FSC by Rainforest Alliance
  • FY16-17: Crossed Production of 1,00,000 MT of Kraft Paper as well as Writing & Printing Paper. Crossed Rs 400 crore in turnover
  • FY19-20: Achieved highest ever production of 134048 MT for Kraft Paper as well as Writing &
    Printing Paper.
  • FY19-20: Embarked on a Rs 44 crore modernisation & upgradation in the writing & printing paper segment; launched white copier paper.
  • FY20-21: Accredited with IS 14490:2018 by Bureau of Indian Standards for Plain Copier Paper.
Parent OrganizationRuchira Papers Ltd.Managing DirectorUmesh Chander Garg
Founded1980NSE SymbolRUCHIRA