About the Company

RPSG Ventures was incorporated on February 7, 2017 as a wholly owned subsidiary of CESC Limited (CESC), a flagship company of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, engaged in the business of generation and distribution of electricity across 567 square kilometres of its licensed area in Kolkata and Howrah in West Bengal, India. The company was incorporated with the objective of engaging, inter alia, in the business of owning, operating, investing and promoting business in the fields of information technology, business process outsourcing and such other ventures (including fast moving consumer goods business) as may be identified by the Board.

The company was incorporated after CESC Limited decided to restructure its diversified portfolios along clear lines of business. In doing so, the large IT service operations of CESC were transferred to CESC Ventures - in addition to some CESC subsidiaries that focused on business process outsourcing, fast moving consumer goods, restaurants and real estate.

The restructuring along these lines was implemented on 12 October, 2018, and became retrospectively effective from the Appointed Date of 1 October, 2017. During 2018-19, CESC Ventures became a listed entity.

RPSG Venturess business relates to IT service operations for the power sector. In addition, as subsidiaries, it has Firstsource Solutions, which is a leading international player in customised Business Process Management services; Guiltfree Industries, which made its entry with the launch of packaged snacks in 2017-18 under the brand name “TOO YUMM!”; and it has a presence in real estate and the restaurant business.

Business area of the company

The Company is engaged in the fields of information technology and allied services.

Parent OrganizationRPSG Ventures Ltd.Managing Director
Founded2017NSE SymbolRPSGVENT