About the Company

Ramco Systems, part of the Ramco Group, has delivered enterprise software and services since 1989. Today, Ramco is a global provider with customers in 35 countries and more than 1,800 employees in 9 countries.

To keep pace with today’s customer-driven business environment, companies must re-think their business processes. Enterprise applications now need to adapt to the business, and not the other way around. As companies face increasing competitive pressure and are inhibited by inefficient IT systems, it is clear that current enterprise applications are no longer meeting the business demands.

Ramco delivers solutions that address this with flexible enterprise applications that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively into complex environments. It also gives companies the agility they need to stay competitive by enabling fast, flexible deployment and change on demand of business applications. Ramco VirtualWorks ensures maximum flexibility to execute a business process strategy - so when business needs change systems change automatically.


The company is having a long list of clients it 100,000+ users in 1,000 customer locations across 35 countries. Select customers include, ABB Ltd., Adams (Thailand) Ltd., Amtek Auto Ltd., Columbia Helicopters, East India Hotels, ICICI Bank, JK Cement, Lotte India, Jeju Air etc.

Solutions offered by the company:

  • Application Maintenance: Ramco Application Development and Maintenance Services can enhance your existing portfolio with custom applications spanning across technology platforms. Our consultants work with you to assess the system’s weaknesses and build personalized a solution to significantly reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: Ramco was the first company to provide global enterprise resource planning (ERP)-on-demand. They remain the premiere source for all your IT function needs, providing comprehensive, end-to-end infrastructure management services.By working with their customers to help them adopt best practices, they can streamline your infrastructure and substantially reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Validation Services: From a large-scale transformation initiative to specific point solutions, Ramco offers your business end-to-end validation services for enterprise applications, integration technologies, compliance, and web applications. Their unique tools and methodologies ensure that the entire production meets expectations with consistently high quality.
  • OnDemand ERP: Ramco OnDemand ERP solution is a monthly subscription model for growing business. The solution streamlines and integrates multiple functions and systems into one solution and gives total visibility and control of operations.  As easy to use as e-mail, it requires minimal training and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Ramco platform-based business process outsourcing services span your enterprise function needs, including finance and accounting; human resource management systems; and procurement and analytics. Whether you want to outsource your existing technology platform or move to their best of breed platform-based solutions, they will work with you to design a system tailored to your business goals and objectives.


  • KPMG Maturity Level 5 of the Capability Maturity Model Integrated Software Discipline.
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 
  • ISO 27001
  • Ernst and Young Software Certification for Financial Application


• Ramco Systems recognized by CIO Review magazine as CIO manufacturing Technology Solution Providers 2013

• Awarded the India Customer Value Leadership Award for Enterprise Applications Software
• Awarded the IT innovation Award 2014 for Ramco Aviation Suite, by the SME Initiative
• Awarded the IT innovation Award 2014 for Ramco VirtualWorks, by the SME Initiative

• Ramco wins Best HR Management Software Award
• Ramco Systems wins Innovation Award at the 2015 ISG Paragon Awards
• Ramco wins Best Cloud HR & Payroll Software Award at the CIO HONOUR AWARDS 2016 in Singapore
• Ramco bags CIO Choice Honor & Recognition 2016

Parent OrganizationRamco Systems Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1997NSE SymbolRAMCOSYS