About the Company

Started in 1975 as Punjab United Pesticides & Chemicals Limited (PUPCL) has now evolved as Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited (Punjab Chemicals), uniting all its divisions - Agrotechnicals, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates, Chemicals & International Trading, under one roof, by a combination of all companies into Punjab Chemicals in March 2006.

Presently, Punjab Chemicals has various state-of-the-art manufacturing sites which are located across India and have international standards with support from its R&D strengths and unparalleled Pilot Plant facilities, All are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. Punjab Chemicals produces various Agrotechnicals, API’s, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Phosphorous Derivatives and Speciality Chemicals.

The overseas subsidiary- marketing company SD Ag chem (Europe), N.V., Belgium serves as immediate supply for company products from the doorstep of Europe. Punjab Chemicals having the ownership of the marketing registrations with the above companies is an added advantage.

Punjab Chemicals is committed to providing high-quality products of international standards which will endeavor to meet the requirements of today’s modern world by fulfilling the needs of clients in India and across the world spread over 5 continents. Today, more and more global companies are looking upto Punjab Chemicals as their preferred Indian partner whom they can trust.

Business area of the company

The company is engaged in business of manufacturing of agro chemicals, speciality chemicals and bulk drugs and its intermediates.

Business Unit

  • Agro and Basic Chemicals - Derabassi
  • Speciality and Other Chemicals - Lalru
  • Industrial Chemicals - Pune
  • International Trading - Mumbai


  • Agrochemicals
  • Pharma API’s
  • Pharma Intermediates
  • Fine Chemicals & Speciality Chemicals
  • Basic Chemicals & Industrial Chemicals
  • Phosphorus Derivatives & Phosphates
  • International Trading - Imports


  • 1975: The company’s founding year.
  • 1983: The company diversified into Specialty Chemicals.
  • 1995: The company further diversified into Agrochemicals.
  • 2003: The company is engaged in an M&A with Alpha Drug Pharma.
  • 2006: Integrated into one company: Punjab Chemicals.
  • 2016: Modified business model to include Contact Manufacturing.
  • 2016: Enhanced its capacity to manufacture Agrochemicals.
  • 2021: Achieved highest EBITDA in 10 years i.e. Rs. 973 million.
Parent OrganizationPunjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd.Managing DirectorShalil Shroff
Founded1975NSE SymbolPUNJABCHEM