About the Company

Punjab & Sind Bank was incorporated on June 24, 1908, as ‘The Punjab and Sind Bank Limited’, with its registered office at Hall Bazar, Amritsar, Punjab, India. The Bank was nationalized under the Bank Acquisition Act on April 15, 1980 and its name was changed to ‘Punjab & Sind Bank’.

Punjab & Sind Bank, which is a GoI undertaking, one of the six banks nationalized by the GoI in April 1980, and today, is one of 19 nationalized banks in India. In over 100 years of operation, the Bank has significantly grown its branch network with a presence predominantly in north India. As on October 31, 2010, its network comprised of 926 branches and 63 ATMs across India. The Bank also sponsors one regional rural bank, Sutlej Gramin Bank, in collaboration with the GoI and the state Government of Punjab. As on September 30, 2010, we had a total of 8,047 employees serving over 0.66 crore customers.

Business area of the Company:

Bank’s primary business is taking deposits, and making advances and investments, and is principally divided into retail banking, corporate banking, priority sector banking, treasury operations and other banking services such as agency functions for insurance, distribution of mutual funds and pension and tax collection services.

The bank has various deposit products, such as current, savings and term deposits for its customers. In retail banking, bank provides loan and advances for housing, trade, automobiles, consumer durables, education and personal loans. It provides commercial banking products and services to corporate customers, including mid-sized and small businesses and government entities.

In corporate banking, its loan products include term loans to finance capital expenditure of assets across various industries as well as short-term loans, cash and export credit and other working capital financing and bill discounting facilities.

The bank also provides credit substitutes, such as letters of credit and guarantee. It also engages in syndication of loans provided by other financial institutions and other fee-based services such as cash management and remittance services.

In the priority sector, the banks offers direct financing to farmers for production, as well as indirect financing for infrastructure development and credit to suppliers of agricultural inputs. It also offers a wide range of general banking services to our customers including ATM cards, cash management, remittance services and collection services.

Punjab& Sind Bank also distributes third-party products such as life and non-life insurance policies through corporate agency agreements with Aviva Life Insurance Company India Private Limited and Bajaj Allianz, respectively, and mutual funds with UTI AMC through a distribution agreement. It also acts as an agent for various state governments and the GoI on numerous matters including the collection of taxes and payment of salary and pension.

Major Events:-

  • 1908 - Incorporated as ‘The Punjab and Sind Bank Limited’ in Amritsar, Punjab.
  • 1975 Aggregate deposits with the Bank exceed 150 crore.
  • 1979 -Number of branches cross 500
  • 1980 -Nationalized along with five other banks and constituted as a ‘corresponding new bank’ as per the Bank Acquisition Act
  • 1986 - Sutlej Gramin Bank established as a regional rural bank with effect from March 22, 1986, in the state of Punjab, under the name Faridkot - Bathinda Kshetriya Gramin Bank.
  • 1999 -The paid-up capital of the Bank was reduced by Rs 462.47 crore for write down of investments for adjustment of losses 2006 Total business of the Bank for financial year 2005-06 crosses ' 25,000 crore.2008 --Highest percentage of growth in advances of 56.28% among all public sector banks in IndiaGross NPAs dropped to less than 1.00% for financial year 2007-08.-The equity capital of the Bank was restructured by converting an amount of Rs 160.00 crore into IPDI, Rs 200.00 crore into PNCPS and Rs 200.00 crore into PCPS, while retaining Rs 183.06 crore as the equity capital.
  • 2009 -Total business of the Bank for financial year 2008-09 crosses Rs 50,000 crore.
  • 2010 - Total business of the Bank crosses Rs 81,000 crore-Net profit of the Bank crosses Rs 500.00 crore- Joined the NFS-First CBS branch rolled-out on June 24, 2010-Entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Unique Identification Authority of India to provide assistance in the implementation of project for assignment of unique identification numbers.

Awards/ certifications/ recognitions received by the Bank:-In the annual Business Today-KPMG survey of Best Banks in India 2008, the bank was ranked number one on the list of ‘Small Sized Best Banks in India’ (i.e. banks with a then balance sheet size of less than 24,000 crore).

Parent OrganizationPunjab & Sind BankManaging DirectorSwarup Kumar Saha
Founded1980NSE SymbolPSB