About the Company

Premier Polyfilm is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Calendared PVC products. The company has various ranges of PVC products with different properties, patterns, designs & colors which fulfill the exclusive requirement. This is an ISO Certified company. Premier Polyfilm Company with an experience of 25 years producing above products as per international Quality Standards. The products meet EN, ISI & ISO requirements of Fire & Smoke and Abrasion resistance, etc. The company’s offices are spread over all the major cities in India with a vast network of Distributors and Retailers for the domestic market and company are exporting its products to over 25 countries across the globe.

Business area of the company 

Business of the company is manufacturing and exporting of Calendared PVC products.

Products of the Company  

  • PVC Flooring.
  • PVC Sheeting.
  • PVC Flexible Film.
  • Calendared Leather cloth.
  • PVC Geomembrane.
  • High voltage Insulated Mats.
Parent OrganizationPremier Polyfilm Ltd.Managing DirectorAmitaabh Goenka
Founded1992NSE SymbolPREMIERPOL