About the Company

Prakash Industries incorporated in 1980, has diverse range of business. Being part of Surya Roshni group, company is founded by Shri B.D.Agarwal. The company has received various certifications such as ISO 9001:2000, ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007 for its Quality management.

Business areas

Mining and Crushing- Company’s mining and crushing division is located in District Sundargarh of Orissa. Company has received iron ore mines namely Nergaon and Metabodali by the state Government located in state of Orissa. Company owns two captive coal blocks namely Chotia and Madanpur in Hasdeo-Arand coal fields.

Sponge Iron- Company manufactures sponge iron that has high metallic iron content with a consistent quality. It manufactures Sponge Iron from Rotary Kilns and waste gases generating from Rotary Kilns are utilized for generation of power in its captive power unit.

Steel Blooms/Billets/ Ingots- Company manufactures steel through Induction Furnace process for this the raw materials required are Sponge Iron, Pig Iron and MS scrap. Company produces blooms and billets of different sizes.

Steel Structural- Company’s Raipur Plant is engaged in manufacturing of steel structural of different. Under this it produces medium flange beams, heavy weight beams / columns, medium weight channels (sloping flange) and equal leg angle sections.

Wire Rods and HB wires- Company Raipur unit has manufacturing capacity of 180000 TPA of wire rod. It manufactures wire rods 5.5 mm and 8mm of diameter. Company HB wire manufacturing capacity is 60000 TPA ranging from 6 gauge to 14 Gauge.

Ferro Alloys- Company manufactures a ferro alloy which is produced in submerged Arc furnaces. Company produces this products ranging from 10 to 150 mm.

PVC Pipes- Company manufactures PVC pipes catering various segments such as irrigation, sewerages and other purposes. Company’s production facilities are located at Kashipur (Uttaranchal) and Rayya (Punjab) and have a combined capacity of 15000 MTPA.

Export- Company exports iron ore and silico manganese for which the units are located at Haldia and Champa.


Prakash Industries Ltd. has bagged many prestigious awards like:-

  •  -Greentech Enviroment Silver Award 2011 in Metal & Mining sector for outstanding achievement in Environment Management at Champa, Chhattisgarh
  • -Green Tech Safety Award 2010 for the integrated steel plant at champa by Greentech Foundation
  • -Green Tech Safety Award 2010 for the Captive Coal Mines at Chotia by Greentech Foundation
Parent OrganizationPrakash Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorVikram Agarwal
Founded1980NSE SymbolPRAKASH