About the Company

Pfizer is a Public Limited Company, incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1913, having its registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is listed on the BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Pfizer scientists have produced innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas, including depression, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, HIV infection, hypertension, bacterial infections and systemic fungal infections. The company is taking on some of the world's most difficult diseases, including cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Business area of the company

Pfizer is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, trading and export of pharmaceutical products.



  • OPPI Brand Excellence Award for Minipress XL.


  • Express Pharma Biz Award for overall performance.
  • Rated as one of India's most socially responsive companies. Awarded by FICCI-Socio Economic Development Foundation for our Social Responsiveness.


  • Voted as the 5 'Most Respected Company' in the Pharma sector (Business World).
  • Corporate Advertising Campaign won a Silver Award at the ABBY-All India Awards for Creative Excellence. Gelusil brand received a Silver Award for printing advertising.
  • Golden Peacock National Training Special Commendation for Training practices.


  • Ranked 5 among all pharmaceutical companies, with respect to corporate image, field-force, and promotional programs (AC Nielsen-ORG Marg 'Corporate Image Survey').
  • Ranked 1 among all Pharma MNCs & 4 among all Pharma Companies by Business World.
  • Kewal Handa, CFO Pfizer Limited receives the ‘India CFO 2004 - Excellence in Finance in an MNC’ by International Market - Assessment Group.


  • Golden Peacock Innovative Service Award for Prime MD Today (Daxid).
  • PC Quest 'Best IT Implementation Users Choice' award for OPTILEARN.
  • Pharma Excellence Awards 2006 in 'Innovative Products of the Year' category for Exubera.
  • Ranked 1 among multinationals and #3 among all pharmaceuticals, in the Business World survey.


  • Pharma Excellence Awards 2006 in 'Innovative Products of the Year' category for Exubera.
  • Ranked 1 among multinationals and 3 among all pharmaceuticals, in the Business World survey.
  • Kewal Handa, Managing Director Pfizer, awarded the Bharat Shiromani award for his outstanding contribution in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Asia - Gold Award 2007’ in the vitamin and health supplement category for Becosules.


  • Frost & Sullivan Brand Strategy Leadership Award for Becosules in the Indian Dietary Supplement Market.
  • Pfizer India was recently conferred the ‘Innovative Training Practices’ Award for promoting effective and optimum utilization of human resource through education and training by the Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD).


  • Pfizer Limited (India) conferred the Multinational Pharmaceutical Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.


  • Pfizer Limited awarded the Most Admired Pharmaceutical Company of the Year by Pharma Leaders Magazine.
  • Kewal Handa, Country Manager - Pfizer Limited recognized as Pharma Professional of the Year by Pharma Leaders Magazine.
  • Pfizer wins the Community Engagement Award at the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2010 in India.


  • Pfizer India has been recognized as one of The Best Companies to Work For by Business Today magazine.


  • J.D. Power and Associates has honored the MS LifeLines call center with certification for an outstanding customer service experience. This is the first time J.D. Power has recognized a pharmaceutical call center. Click Here.


  • GBCHealth Business Leadership Award - in recognition for the Global Health Fellows program. This award is given annually to a company or business leader with a deep and long-term commitment to global health that extends beyond the business objective of the company itself. Caroline Roan will be accepting the award on behalf of Pfizer.
  • Business Action on Health Award in Application of Core Competence for Global Health Fellows Program (commendation). Oonagh Puglisi will be accepting the award for the GHF program.
  • Business Action on Health Award in Partnership/Collective Action for Advancing Cancer & Tobacco Control in China Program. Danlong Feng, Corporate Affairs Director, Pfe China, will be accepting the award.
  • QUESTAR Award - The International Awards Festival for Excellence in Video Communications Pfizer was awarded the Grand -- best of category -- in Annual Reports in the 2013 Questar Awards.
  • Telly Award - For over a quarter century, the Telly statuette has been a symbol of creative excellence. Pfizer was awarded - Bronze at the 2013 Telly's for online videos.


  • 1849: Charles Pfizer & Company established. 1' product for treatment of intestinal worms is a success.
  • 1880: Pfizer manufactures Citric Acid. Rapid growth on the back of aerated drinks demand.
  • 1882: Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.
  • 1944: Pfizer finds a way to mass-produce Penicillin.
  • 1950: Terramycin, the 1st pharmaceutical sold in the US under the Pfizer label.
  • 1950: India operation launched, with HQ in Mumbai.
  • 1966: Pfizer listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • 1989: Dolonex (Feldene) launched in India.
  • 1993: Amlogard (Norvasc) launched in India.
  • 1996: Launch of MinipressXL, an anti hypertensive drug.
  • 1998: Launch of Viagra, for erectile dysfunction.
  • 1999: Pfizer listed on the National Stock Exchange.
  • 2000: Launch of Magna& a unique hospital antibiotic.
  • 2002: Futuristic tablet manufacturing Goa plant commissioned in a record 13 months.
  • 2003 Completes merger with Parke-Davis (India) Ltd.
  • 2005: Announces merger with Pharmacia Healthcare ltd.
  • 2006: Launch of LYRICA (pregaballn for treatment of neuropathic pain)
  • 2008: Launch of Champix - a non-nicotine smoking cessation prescription drug.
  • 2010: Launch of Prevenar 13, vaccine for prevention of pneumococcal disease and included later in India’s Universal Immunization Programe.
  • 2015: Completed merger with Wyeth Limited.
  • 2016: Launched Xeljanz-the first oral Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor.
  • 2017: Acquires 2 breakthrough brands- Meronem, Neksium.
  • 2019: Reorganizes into 3 distinct business units: Pfizer Biopharma Group, UpJohn and Consumer Healthcare. New purpose and values unveiled.
  • 2019: Launches novel anti-bacterial Zavicefta in India.
  • 2020: Launch of Zinforo, a noval cephalosporin indicated for treatment of adult patients with community- acquired Pneumonia.
Parent OrganizationPfizer Ltd.Managing DirectorMeenakshi Nevatia
Founded1950NSE SymbolPFIZER