About the Company

PDS Multinational Fashions is a leading global strategic manufacturing partner to major brands and retailers that operates a vast global network. In addition to the broad range and diversity of consumer products available through its extensive international sourcing network, PDS Multinational Group has strength and expertise in custom product design and development to provide total global sourcing solutions for its customers.

Business area of the company

PDS Multinational is a design-led organisation and its talented design teams offer exceptional product development and design services customised to retailers’ requirements.

Product & Services

PDS offer its retail partners a complete solution, from design to production, combining the strengths from China and India in providing an extensive range of accessories.

  • Apparel: PDS offers a full range of apparel solutions for Ladies, Mens, Essentials, Kids, and Babies.
  • Licence: PDS formed a licence division in the UK in 2008 to specialise in supply, design and manufacture licensed apparel products to its existing customer base - its licenses can be found across the UK in retailers.
  • Footwear: The footwear business of PDS Multinational was established on the back of the success of the global apparel business. The footwear business works on a direct Free on Board (FOB) basis and is registered in Hong Kong but also has offices in Eastern China, Southern China, India and the UK.
  • Accessories: PDS Multinational offers a full range of accessories for Ladies, Mens, and Kids. The company accessories range includes bags, belts, hats, scarves, winter warmers and small leather goods.
  • Home: The company’s passion is creating beautiful, functional and affordable products for the home.
  • Beauty: Beauty Co offers a wide variety of beauty products and provides a turnkey production-to-branding and marketing solution. The company has a passion for developing innovative beauty products as well as offering packaging solutions.
Parent OrganizationPDS Ltd.Managing Director
Founded2011NSE SymbolPDSL