About the Company

Onmobile Global incorporated in 2000 as Onscan Technologies India. The company provides mobile entertainment products & solutions such as Tones and Videos & Editorial to telecom operators and media companies. Outside this traditional core, it is focused on building cutting-edge Mobile Gaming products such as ONMO & Challenges Arena which it takes to market through B2B and D2C channels.

Business area of the company

The key product offerings of the Company are Ringback Tones, Digital Content Store and Infotainment. OnMobile is the global leader in Ringback Tones. Digital Content Store is a one-stop mobile destination for discovering digital content like videos, games, music and images. Infotainment offers music, contest, news and sports to consumers over the mobile.


ONMO: ONMO is redefining the mobile gaming space. With offices in Canada, Sweden and India, ONMO blends streaming, social gaming, e-sports, and AI into a unique mobile gaming offering. It is a bunch of engineers, product, growth and marketing folks from companies like Facebook, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Zynga, GSN Games, Swiggy, Ericsson and several gaming startups.

Challenges Arena: Challenges Arena offers an immersive experience for gamers to play and compete with friends on quizzes and various theme-based challenges with a real-time rank and leader-board to win prizes.

Videos & Editorials: The company’s white label video streaming solution caters to a host of viewership tastes and needs. It offers bite-sized entertainment along with long-form sports and kids content/ videos to elevate the digital experience

Tones: OnMobile is a pioneer and undisputed global leader in providing tones (Ring Back Tones) service in partnership with telecom operators. It delivers and manages this mobile value-added services platform with an outstanding music catalogue and flexibility that drives increased adoption amongst subscribers.

Contests: The company’s innovative mobile contest platform features a huge content library, instant gratification, fair winner selection and real prizes. This contest offering encourages user trial, helps users develop interest, relevance and loyalty.


  • 2000: Creation of OnMobile (as OnScan).
  • 2000: Launch of voice portal platform.
  • 2004: Start of International operations with first telecom customer.
  • 2005: launch of services with media customers and M-commerce services.
  • 2006: Investment from Deutsche bank, Jade Dragon (Mauritius) and Kings Road investments (Mauritius).
  • 2006: Acquisition of ITFinity.
  • 2007: Awarded Top VAS company of India by Voice and Data.
  • 2007: Awarded Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2007 and Fast 50 Asia Pacific 2007.
  • 2007: Acquisition of Vox Mobili (France).
  • 2008: IPO on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
  • 2008: Two global agreements with Vodafone and Telefonica (Spain).
  • 2008: Acquisition of Telisma.
  • 2010: Acquisition of Dilithium Networks (U.S.).
  • 2010: Global presence in 52 countries.
  • 2011: Global expansion with offices in 10 new countries.
  • 2013: Acquisition of Livewire mobile.
  • 2013: Global Presence in 59 countries.
  • 2014: Divested in Vox Mobile for $26 million.
  • 2014: OnMobile demonstrated 160% growth in content revenue for one of its Tier - 1 customers.
  • 2017: OnMobile’s consumer brand ONMO sweeps Transform Awards in NewYork.
  • 2018: OnMobile launches ONMO Games.
  • 2018: OnMobile Global acquires Appland AB, Sweden and begins working towards D2C Gaming.
  • 2019: Vodafone launches kids Planet, as app with over 3000 contents for Kids.
  • 2020: OnMobile Global acquires AI-Powered Visual Retention Leader, robO.
  • 2021: launch of Challenges Arena, a mobile quiz games app ONMO, a mobile cloud - gaming platform and OnMobile’s first D2C product, goes Beta Live.
Parent OrganizationOnmobile Global Ltd.Managing DirectorSanjay Baweja
Founded2000NSE SymbolONMOBILE