About the Company

NR Agarwal Industries, incorporated in 1975, is one of the largest coated duplex board and newsprint manufacturing group having its corporate office at Mumbai and four manufacturing units located at Vapi, Gujarat

It has today evolved as one of the largest manufacturing facility in its chosen area of operation. The combined manufacturing capacity of coated duplex boards today is 130,000 MT per annum and that of newsprint, 40,000 MT PA.

The company has vast resources in terms of assets, technical expertise and technology, Research and development, plants and state-of-the-art machinery, well equipped laboratories, excellent infrastructure and utilities including water, own power generation (steam), steam generation, communication, D.M. Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, transportation etc. at all manufacturing locations. The Group has excellent marketing network including highly effective sales team, end users, distributors, storage facility and fast delivery capabilities.

NR Agarwal Industries has grown significantly during the last decade. The technical manpower of the company is rated among the best in the Industry. To achieve the objectives of exponential growth, the company has a well knit organization with clear vision, coordination and decision channels. The effective functioning of the company is aided by support services and effective administrative systems and procedures. Total manpower including technical and commercial personnel handling activities of the company is 1500.

Coated duplex boards manufactured by the company are exported across the globe to many countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt, East Africa and Gulf Countries to name a few.

The company manufactures five different qualities of newsprint depending on the specific needs of publishing houses.

Product range of the company includes:

NR Agarwal Industries Ltd manufactures two kinds of products i.e. coated duplex boards -- grey back and white back as well as newsprint at four different locations in GIDC, Vapi, Gujarat state.

  • Superior Quality Double Coated Duplex Board - HWC (Grey Back/White Back)
  • Double Coated Duplex Board - HWC(White Back)
  • Double Coated Duplex Board - HWC(Grey Back)
  • Newsprint

Achievements/ recognition:

  • Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000 standard
Parent OrganizationNR Agarwal Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorR N Agarwal
Founded1993NSE SymbolNRAIL