About the Company

NESTLE's relationship with India dates back to 1912, when it began trading as The NESTLÉ Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (Export) Limited, importing and selling finished products in the Indian market.

After India's independence in 1947, the economic policies of the Indian Government emphasised the need for local production. NESTLÉ responded to India's aspirations by forming a company in India and set up its first factory in 1961 at Moga, Punjab, where the Government wanted NESTLÉ to develop the milk economy. Progress in Moga required the introduction of NESTLE's Agricultural Services to educate, advise and help the farmer in a variety of aspects. From increasing the milk yield of their cows through improved dairy farming methods, to irrigation, scientific crop management practices and helping with the procurement of bank loans.

NESTLE set up milk collection centres that would not only ensure prompt collection and pay fair prices, but also instill amongst the community, a confidence in the dairy business. Progress involved the creation of prosperity on an on-going and sustainable basis that has resulted in not just the transformation of Moga into a prosperous and vibrant milk district today, but a thriving hub of industrial activity, as well.

NESTLE has been a partner in India's growth for over a century and has built a very special relationship of trust and commitment with the people of India. The Company's activities in India have facilitated direct and indirect employment and provides livelihood to about one million people including farmers, suppliers of packaging materials, services and other goods.

The Company continuously focuses its efforts to better understand the changing lifestyles of India and anticipate consumer needs in order to provide Taste, Nutrition, Health and Wellness through its product offerings. The culture of innovation and renovation within the Company and access to the NESTLÉ Group's proprietary technology/Brands expertise and the extensive centralized Research and Development facilities gives it a distinct advantage in these efforts. It helps the Company to create value that can be sustained over the long term by offering consumers a wide variety of high quality, safe food products at affordable prices.

NESTLE India manufactures products of truly international quality under internationally famous brand names such as NESCAFE, MAGGI, MILKYBAR, KIT KAT, BAR-ONE, MILKMAID and NESTEA and in recent years the Company has also introduced products of daily consumption and use such as NESTLE Milk, NESTLE SLIM Milk, NESTLE Dahi and NESTLE Jeera Raita.

NESTLE India is a responsible organisation and facilitates initiatives that help to improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates.

Products of the company

  • Beverages
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Chocolates and Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Nutrition
  • Foods
  • Vending and Food Services
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Nestle Ad Campaigns

Awards and Recognitions

Company received awards at various industry platforms in the area of corporate management, marketing, advertising, digital engagement, packaging, human resource development and corporate social responsibility. Some awards are listed below:

  • Mr. Suresh Narayanan recognized as the Best CEO in the FMCG category by Business Today.
  • Nestle India won ‘Best Overall Excellence in CSR’ at the National CSR Leadership Awards 2019.
  • Three awards won at Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Awards for NESCAFE Ready-to-Drink (Emerging Play), MAGGI Masalas of India and KIT KAT Strawberry Duo (both Short Term Play).
  • NESCAFE bagged Effie, silver for its campaign ‘Badal Life Ki Raftar’.
  • ‘AskNestle / NINA’ won Gold for Most Innovative Mobile Campaign of the year at MOBEXX Awards 2019.
  • RESOURCE High Protein, won The Global Emerald Award, from the Nestlé Health Science Global Recognition Program.
  • MAGGI won at the 3rd edition of The Advertising Club’s MARQUEES Awards 2019 I the FMCG (Foods) category.
  • Nestle India Supply Chain won Leadership Awards 2019 during 13th ELSC Leadership Conclave in the category of ‘Customer Intimacy & Service Excellence’ Company of the Year.
  • NESCAFE won Gold at The Great Lifestyle Brands Awards.
  • Pantnagar Factory, Ponda Factory and NQAC Lab in the Moga Factory of the Company were awarded by Confederation of Indian Industries for Excellence in Food Safety and Food Testing.
  • Moga Factory of the Company was awarded The Golden Peacock National Quality Awards held at Dubai (UAE).
  • Samalkha Factory of the Company won the first prize in the 6th CII Safety competition 2019 for the Northern region.
  • Ponda Factory of the Company won the ‘Gomant Suraksha Puraskar’ Award.
  • Tahliwal Factory of the Company won Gold Award in the 6th National Awards for Manufacturing Competitiveness.
  • Nestle India ranked joint FIRST in ATNI’s India Spotlight Index 2020
  • Nestle India has launched a virtual internship programme ‘Nesternship’. The programme addresses applications from Graduates in the Final Year of any discipline and Post-Graduates and will focus on upskillinag and enabling the interns to thrive in workplaces, that they join, at a later date.


  • 2015- Welcome Back MAGGI NoodlesHappy Deepawali
  • 2015- 100% of the samples sent from newly manufactured stocks tested by three laboratories have been cleared 
  • 2015- MAGGI Noodles are safe 100% of samples tested by 3 laboratories are clear
  • 2015- Nestlé India launches new KIT KAT SENSES Ad Film
  • 2015- No order to recall MAGGI Noodles being sold
  • 2016- Nestle India Launches NESCAFE Ready-to-Drink 
  • 2016- Nestle India launches NESTLE a+ PRO-GROW containing 20% higher milk protein
  • 2016- Nestle India delights consumers with new variants of MAGGI Noodles
  • 2016- Nestle India continues with its innovations, launches NESCAFE SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER.
  • 2016- MAGGI Noodles gains further, leads category with more than 50% market share MAGGI Vegetable Atta Noodles and MAGGI Oats Noodles re-launched.
  • 2017- Nestle India launches KIT KAT Dessert Delight - a unique premium innovation
  • 2017- Nestle India introduces the new MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Noodles range 
  • 2017- Nestle India, Government of Rajasthan and NASVI join hands to raise awareness on Food Safety Practices and Hygiene among Street Food Vendors in Jaipur.
  • 2017- MAGGI launches Iron Fortified Noodles as part of ‘Simply Good’ commitment 
  • 2017- Nestlé India extends its popular NESTLE a+ GREKYO range with the launch of Blueberry Greek Yoghurt and Greek Style Curd
  • 2017- Nestle India launches exciting new range of Noodles - MAGGI Masalas of India
  • 2017- MILO launches new ad campaign: MILO - GROW WITH SPORTS 
  • 2017- Nestle India ties up with the Department of Medical and Health, Government of Rajasthan to offer access to clean drinking water.
  • 2018- Introducing Nestle EVERYDAY Chai Life
  • 2018- Nestle India Forays Into Dips Segment With The Launch Of MAGGI Dip & Spread
  • 2018- Nestle India Introduces NESPLUS - An Exciting New Range Of Breakfast Cereals 
  • 2018- Nestle India Introduces Breakfast Cereals
  • 2018- The Food and Drug Administration of Gujarat launch Project ‘Serve Safe Food’ in Ahmedabad in collaboration with Nestlé India and NASVI
  • 2018- Government of Madhya Pradesh, National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) and Nestle India launch Project ‘Serve Safe Food’ in Bhopal and Indore
  • 2018- Nestle MUNCH gets a whole lot Crunchier and Nuttier
  • 2018- MAGGI Turns 35 - Rolls out new thinking under ‘Kuch Achha Pak Raha Hai’
  • 2018- This Valentine’s Day, take a romantic break with Nestlé KITKAT Strawberry Duo 
  • 2019- Launch of world’s no. 1 cocoa-malt beverage - MILO in India 
  • 2019- MAGGI Fusian Noodles Records Overwhelming Sales on Amazon Prime Days
  • 2019- Nestle India Introduces MAGGI Fusian Noodles range - A thrilling Asian feast
  • 2020- Nestle India Launches ‘MAGGI -Desh Ke Liye 2 Minute - Ek Chhoti Si Koshish’.
  • 2020- Nestle India reaches out to Youth-launches 1000 ‘Nesternship’ opportunities for young professionals.
  • 2020- Nestle India Extends Its Commitment To India’s Fight Against COVID-19 .
Parent OrganizationNestle India Ltd.Managing DirectorSuresh Narayanan
Founded1959NSE SymbolNESTLEIND