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About the Company

Minda Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of Electronic & Mechanical Security System to 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and Off-road Vehicles.It is a diversified company with a product portfolio encompassing from Mechanical & Electronic Security System and Electronic Controllers for Electric Vehicles for Auto OEMs across the Globe. The company exports about 20% of its products to USA, UK, Europe & South East Asia and ASEAN countries.

It is the only company in India to have its own patented Magnetic Shutters for 2 wheeler application. To enhance the vehicle security, it manufactures Lock Sets with conventional keys, 2 Track Keys, 4 Track Keys & Snake Biting Keys for 2 Wheeler Applications.

The company designs & manufactures: Immobilizers, Answerback / Vehicle Locator Detection unit, Low cost remote based immobiliser & Smart Key security system for 2 wheeled vehicle applications and also has patent for the Immobilizer application for vehicles operating with drained or no battery condition.

Business area of the comapnay:

The company supplies Electronic & Mechanical Security System to 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and Off-road Vehicles.


  1. 2 & 3 Wheelers
    • Ignition Switch Cum Steering Lock
    • Fuel Tank Cap
    • Latches & Cable
    • Tool Box, Helmet Lock, Seat Lock
    • Electronics-VLDU, Antenna, Immobiliser, Card, Magnetic Module
    • Wiring Harness Solutions
  2.  Off-road Vehicle parts
  3. Aftermarket
    • Battery cables
    • Bearings
    • Break shoes
    • Chassie wirings, etc.

Awards and achievements:

  • ACMA for Excellence in Technology (2010 - Gold).
  • BAJAJ (Gold Award) 2011.
  • BAJAJ ( Platinum Award) 2012.
  • Yamaha Gold Award (in category of Development) 2012.
  • BAJAJ (TPM Excellence Award) 2013.
  • Yamaha (Silver Award) for Quality - 2013.
  • ACMA for Excellence in Technology (2013-Bronze).
  • Yamaha (Bronze Award) for Cost - 2014.
  • HMSI Excellent Performance for Delivery Targets 2014 - 15.
  • BAL “Q” Award (in category of Outstanding Quality Performance 2014.
  • Quality Circle Forum of India - Gold Award 2014.
  • Yamaha Global Award Excellence in Cost Innovation 2015.
  • ACMA for Certification of Membership 2015 - 16.
  • Suzuki Motors Vendor Performance Award for Special Cost Reduction support 2015-16.
  • Suzuki Motors Vendor Performance Award for New Development 2015-16.
Parent OrganisationMinda Corporation Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1985NSE SymbolMINDACORP