About the Company

United Spirits (USL), is the largest spirits company in India and a flagship entity of UB group. It manufactures wide range of whisky, vodka, rum and other spirits. United Spirits is among the top three spirits companies in the world. USL has a global footprint with exports to over 37 countries. It has a sizeable presence in India with distilleries and sales offices all across the country, and a committed team of over 7500 people dedicated to the fulfillment of the company's mission. It has established manufacturing and bottling plants in every state of India. In addition, to deliver its products to customers located anywhere in India, USL has established a robust distribution network covering the whole country.

United Spirits represents the merged entities of the erstwhile McDowell & Co. Limited, Phipson Distillery Limited, United Spirits Limited, Herbertsons Limited, Triumph Distillers and Vintners Private Limited, Baramati Grape Industries Limited, United Distillers India Limited, McDowell International Brands Limited, Shaw Wallace Distilleries Limited and Shaw Wallace & Company Limited. The erstwhile McDowell & Co. Limited was first established as a proprietary business in 1826.

United Spirits acquired Andhra Pradesh (AP)–based, Tern Distilleries, in 2009, in a bid to augment its primary distillation capacity. This is the company's third manufacturing unit in the region given that one fifth of USL's sales volumes come from AP.

USL acquired Balaji Distilleries Limited in December 2010. This acquisition gave the company the strategic advantage to consolidate the Group's leadership position in a critical, large and growing State like Tamil Nadu.

USL's technical centre is located in Bangalore, which develops new products, conducts research and development, flavour testing and quality management. It has 62 manufacturing units.

The company has received recognition for its quality products from independent jury such as International Wine & Spirits Competition (UK), International Spirits Challenge (UK), World Beverage Competition (US), Monde Quality Institute (Belgium) and Mundusvini (Germany).

Its brands include Black Dog 12 YO Deluxe Scotch Whisky, Black Dog Centenary Scotch Whisky, Antiquity Blue Whisky, Antiquity Rare Whisky, Signature Whisky, Single Malt Whisky, DSP Black Whisky, Celebration Rum, McDowell's No.1 Brandy, White Mischief Vodka, Premium Romanov and Blue Riband Gin.

United Spirits acquired leading distiller of Scotch whisky Whyte & Mackay and  Bouvet Ladubay, a wine subsidiary of French champagne company Taittinger. Whyte & Mackay and Bouvet Ladubay are now 100% subsidiaries making United Spirits a manufacturer of 17 millionaire brands.

Awards and Recognition

  • United Spirits' brand Gilbey’s Green label is winner of World Star ’96 award for packaging innovation. It has also received 2 star rating for superior taste from International Taste and Quality Institute (ITOI).
  • Its brand Antiquity has been a winner of World Star, Asia Star and India Star awards.
  • White mischief is a market leader with 45% of share in the vodka segment.
  • Mc Dowell’s Whisky is the world 3rd fastest growing spirit brand.
  • Mc Dowell’s Single Malt was awarded at International Wine and Spirits Competition.
  • 2014: United Spirits Ltd Diageo completes Tender Offer for 26% of United Spirits Ltd
  • 2015: United Spirits Ltd has sanctioned the Scheme of Arrangement ('Scheme') between United Spirits Limited ('the Company') and Enrica Enterprises Private Limited (Enrica)
  • 2016: United Spirits dedicated Project S.H.E. to its communities in Alwar

Parent OrganizationUnited Spirits Ltd.Managing DirectorHina Nagarajan
Founded1999NSE SymbolMCDOWELL-N