About the Company

Magadh Sugar & Energy was incorporated on March 19, 2015 with the main object is to deal in sugar and sugar products, spirits and alcohol of denatured of any strength and all other products arising out of the manufacturing process of sugar or resultant of any activity related to sugar business, generation of power through various means, pursuant to business realignment, whereby sugar business undertakings of The Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd and Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Ltd will be housed geographically in the State of Bihar upon approval of the Composite Scheme of Arrangement by the regulatory authorities.

The company is having three sugar mills at New Swadeshi Sugar Mills, Narkatiaganj (District West Chamaparan, Bihar), Bharat Sugar Mills (District Sidhwalia, Bihar), Hasanpur Sugar Mills, Hasanpur (District Samastipur, Bihar) with a combined crushing capacity of 17,500 TCD. The company also has one distillery at Narkataiganj and Cogen facility.

Business area of the company

The company is mainly into business of the manufacturing of sugar and allied products.


  • Sugar
  • Molasses
  • Industrial Alcohol & Ethanol
  • Bagasse & Co-generation of Renewable Energy
  • Bio-Compost
  • Tea
  • Canned Food & Fruit Products


2017: Completion of composite scheme of arrangements between

  • AVADH Sugar & Energy Ltd
  • Magadh Sugar & Energy Ltd
  • Palash Securities Ltd
  • Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Upper Ganges Sugar & Industries Ltd
  • Vaishali Sugar & Energy Limited
  • Allahabad Canning Limited
  • Cinnatolliah Tea Limited
  • Ganges Securities Ltd

2015: Incorporation of companies-

  • Avadh Sugar & Energy Limited
  • Magadh Sugar & Energy Limited
  • Palash Securities Limited
  • Ganges Securities Limited
  • Cinnatolliah Tea Limited
  • Allahabad Canning Limited

With crushing of 152 lacs qtls of sugarcane Hargaon Unit of the Company achieved the 3rd highest Cane crushing position in India. (2012)

Enhanced cane crushing capacity to 8000 TCD at Hata (2012)

Commissioned a new Co-generation Plant at Hata with a cane crushing capacity of 20 MW (2010)

Commissioned at Hata a new and ultra modern refined sugar plant with an initial cane crushing capacity of 7000 TCD (2009)

Enhanced cane crushing capacity to 60 KLPD with Molecular Sieve Dehydration System to produce best quality Ethanol and Rectified Spirit distillery plant at Narkatiaganj (2009)

Parent OrganizationMagadh Sugar & Energy Ltd.Managing Director
Founded2015NSE SymbolMAGADSUGAR