About the Company

Lyka Labs Ltd was incorporated on December 29, 1976 as a private limited company and converted into a public limited company on  December 19, 1985.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. It also manufactures Veterinary products including injections, powders, creams and suspensions. The company offers various surgical disposables, such as syringes, surgical blades, cotton crepe bandage and first aid kits.

Lyka Labs is committed to creating a better tomorrow for India. Maintaining a core competency in Lyophilization, allows Lyka Labs to supply Freeze Dried Drugs in sufficient quantities with the right quality. Lyka strives to manage this business in an ethical and transparent manner.

Lyka has 2 manufacturing facilities in Ankleshwar and Tarapur. There is also an R & D facility based in Chakala, Mumbai, and a corporate head office based in Andheri, Mumbai.

Plant located at Ankleshwar, Gujarat is one of the largest chemical Industrial estates in Asia. Located approx. 10 kms from the city of Bharuch, Gujarat. Ankleshwar is well connected and can be reached by road, rail or air from Mumbai, or by road and rail from Vadodara, or Ahmedabad.

Tarapur Plant is located in the MIDC Industrial Estate in Tarapur, District Thane, Maharashtra. Located approximately 80 kms from Mumbai City, and well connected by rail and road to Mumbai. 

Different business lines of the company:

  • Contract Manufacturing - Lyka undertakes manufacturing activities for a number of different companies on a Principal to Principal Basis. In most cases Lyka would undertake the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing of raw materials to manufacture to packaging, although Lyka also offers job work services where the raw materials are sourced by the client company. Their manufacturing processes are in line with world over best practices, as demonstrated by the ISO 9001:2002 Certification
  • Hospital Division - LYKA has forayed into marketing of products into hospitals/ institutions. To begin with, it has introduced a range of anti-infectives, which include systemic antimalarial, antifungal and antibacterials for serious infections. Apart from this, it has also introduced anesthetics, anti-ulcerants and steroid in parenteral dosage forms. On the anvil is the expansion of the range of the products in the above therapeutic segments as well as in the new therapeutic segments. The company also has plan to introduce products in solid dosage forms for hospitals / institutions.
  • Lyka Animal Health Care - Lyka Animal Healthcare Division within a short period has made strong presence in Indian Veterinary market with their quality innovative products. The animal healthcare division is managed and headed by veterinary professional with strong and dedicated team of field and in-house persons.
  • Generics - When generic products become available, the market competition often leads to substantially lower prices for both the original brand name product and the generic forms. Lyka markets branded generic products in the form of: -Tablets -Capsules -Ointments -Syrups Dry Powder and Liquids
  • Lyka BDR- Lyka manufactures and sells products to its Joint Venture company Lyka BDR. Lyka BDR is the largest seller of human and veterinary products in Sudan

Product range of the company includes:

  • Ampholyn Inj.  
  • Hydrolin Inj.   
  • Lyom Inj.   
  • Lypan Inj.   
  • Lypitaz Inj. 2.25g   
  • Lypitaz Inj. 4.5g   
  • Lyrab Inj.   
  • Lysunate Inj.  
  • Lysunate Tabs  
  • Lyvec Inj.   
  • Merojet Inj. 500mg   
  • Merojet Inj.1000mg   
  • Stropaz Inj.   
  • Thiolyn Inj. 500mg  
  • Thiolyn Inj.1000mg   
  • Vancolym Inj.   
  • Xolycef - SB Inj.   
  • Xolycef - TZ Inj.   
  • Xolycef Inj. 1000mg 
  • Zimtaz Inj. 

Achievements/ recognition:

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Recognized as in-house R&D Centre by Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • In 2011 the company has been conferred Certificate of Appreciation Patent Award by Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council.
Parent OrganizationLyka Labs Ltd.Managing DirectorKunal N Gandhi
Founded1976NSE SymbolLYKALABS