About the Company

L G Balakrishnan & Bros. (LGB), one of the leading companies in South India, was established way back in 1937. Started as a transport operator, the company entered into manufacturing in 1966 when timing chain manufacturing operations were taken up. Since then the company has come a long way, keeping in pace with the technological advancements and has grown into India's leading roller chain manufacturer. The company today stands proud as the premier manufacturer of both automotive and industrial chains under the popular brand name ‘ROLON’. LGB is now surging ahead to become a metal forming company concentrating on hot, warm & cold forging, blanking, fine blanking & precision machined parts.


  • 1937: Fleet operator bus body building
  • 1960: chain manufacturing plant
  • 1970: Steel strips and wire rods
  • 1980: Fine product division
  • 1981: Tyre retreading
  • 1982: Commercial tooling division
  • 1985: Instrumentation division
  • 1990: Manufacturer of cols Forge rollers
  • 1993: Rubber belt division
  • 1994: Aluminum bus bodies division
  • 1995: Textile division
  • 2000: Cold forging division
  • 2003: Hot forging division 
  • 2006: LGB Bosh plant for CRDI components

Major Products:

Transmission Products: Chains, Sprockets, Tensioners, Belts

Metal Forming:    Fine Blanking, Forging, Machined Components, Wire Drawing


  • LGB has become the first Indian Company to supply timing chains to 4-wheeler OEMs in India and is the largest exporter to the US
  • During the late 1980s, LGB entered into a technical know-how agreement with Daido Kogyo, Japan to become the leading supplier of drive chains and cam chains to all 2-Wheeler OEMs in India. 
  • LGB has become the No. 1 OEM supplier of drive chains with 70% market share, around 50% in the replacement market.  
  • LGB also makes industrial chains. These chains are known for their Quality and used in various applications. LGB is the leading player in the Indian market and exports about $5 Million to US and Europe, annually. 
  • LGB acquired fine blanking technology in mid 80s for manufacturing chain plates. It further extended its fine blanking division as a separate manufacturing during the late 90s, to cater to high OEM demands for Fine Blanked components. 
  • In late 1990, a new chapter began in LGB’s history of engineered manufacturing. It graduated to being a manufacturer of forged parts inculcating the sound technical stability it had in its chains. Today, LGB makes hot, warm & cold forgings for all 2-wheeler OEMs in the country and abroad. 
  • LGB is a leading fine blanking manufacturer having about 15 presses in operation. 
  • LGB’s turnover has crossed the landmark of $100 million in 2005-2006 which is inclusive of exports to the US and Europe. 
  • LGB has been accredited with ISO 9001 by UL, US and further has TS16949 , ISO 14001, API & Export House Certifications.


  • Vaiyampalayam Plant - ISO / TS 16949 Fine Products / Ganapathy - ISO / TS 16949
  • Gudalur Plant - API Two Star Export House
  • Annur Plant - ISO / TS 16949
  • Gudalur Plant - ISO 9001: 2000 Vaiyampalayam / Annur - ISO 9001: 2000
  • Fine Products / Ganapathy - ISO 9001: 2000 Cold Forgings Division - ISO 9001: 2000 
  • Forging Division - ISO 9001: 2000 Forging Division - ISO 9001: 2000 
Parent OrganizationLG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd.Managing DirectorP Prabakaran
Founded1956NSE SymbolLGBBROSLTD