About the Company

KSB founded in the year 1960, is headquartered in Pune in the state of Maharashtra. It specializes in Centrifugal End Suction Pumps, High Pressure Multistage Pumps, Industrial Gate, Globe, Check Valves, Submersible Motor Pumps, monobloc & mini monobloc pumps, Hydro pneumatic Systems and control valves. To server better and offer wide range of products as well as design services, KSB has 3 companies in India - KSB, KSB Tech and MIL Controls. KSB has been growing continuously since it was founded in 1960. Today the KSB in India is a leading international manufacturer of pumps, valves, systems and control valves. Also has a presence across the country with its own sales and marketing companies, manufacturing facilities and service operations.

To cater to the needs of the new and emerging India, it has invested in world class facilities and technologies to cater to the demands centrifugal pumps and industrial valves across the Indian sub-continent. Its world class facilities in India are fully equipped to advise customers, design, test, fabricate and quality-assure on all aspects of fluid mechanics in India. All its plants in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Khandala, Vambori, Coimbatore and Sinnar are a showcase of immaculate manufacturing and engineering practices. Apart from the six manufacturing units, KSB in India has a very strong Marketing, Sales and Service setup to offer solutions to its customers effectively.

Business area of the company

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and industrial valves. It is the brand with the greatest technical expertise in pumps and valves.


  • 1960: KSB in India established. 
  • 1960: Submersible motor pumpsets.
  • 1964: High pressure multistage pumps WK/WL
  • 1968: End suction process pumps CPK.
  • 1970: Non-clog pumps for sewage and solid handling.
  • 1974: Inception of Foundry division at Vambori
  • 1976: Vertical in-line pumps for condensate extraction WKT.
  • 1978: Inception of Power Projects Division at Chinchwad.
  • 1978: High pressure multistage boiler feed pumps HDB.
  • 1980: Primary coolant pumps for nuclear power stations.
  • 1984: Manufacturing of Submersible pumps for sewage KRTU.
  • 1987: Inception of Valves division at Coimbatore.
  • 1988: Verticle high pressure modular pumps MOVI.
  • 1989: High pressure multistage pumps HG.
  • 1990: Barrel casing pumps CHT.
  • 1990: Pressure seal GGC valves.
  • 1991: Barrel casing pumps for refinery applications CHTR.
  • 1992: End suction stock pumps APP.
  • 1993: Centrifugal back pullout pumps Mega.
  • 1993: New series of gate type industrial valves.
  • 1994: Inception of Water Pumps Division at Sinnar.
  • 1999: High Pressure Multistage pump MULTITEC.
  • 2005: Sewage Submersible motor Pumps - KRT E (62kW).
  • 2006: Openwell monobloc pumpset - MONOSUB R.
  • 2006: Higher range of condensate extraction pumps - WKTB.
  • 2007: Mini monobloc series - HYDROBLOC.
  • 2008: Submersible re-windable 100 mm motor - UMA I.
  • 2008: Sewage Submersible pumps- Jacket Cooled - KRT K.
  • 2008: Centrifugal monobloc pumpsets - CENTRIBLOC.
  • 2009: Openwell monobloc pumpset - MONOSUB RE.
  • 2010: Water pressure boosting systems - moviBOOST.
  • 2011: Openwell vertical submersible pumps - MONOSUB RV.
  • 2011: Self priming Centrifugal jet pumps - CENTRIJET.
  • 2012: Mini booster systems - moviBOOST M.
  • 2012: New generation end suction process pumps - MegaCPK.
  • 2014: End Suction process pumps - Etanorm& HPK-L.
  • 2017: Magnetic drive pumps - Magnochem.
  • 2017: Inception of Energy Pumps Division at Shirwal (Khandala).
  • 2018: End Suction Centrifugal Semi-Open Impeller Pump-CPK SO.
  • 2018: Introduction of Amarex IN.
  • 2019: Multi State Multi Outlet (MSMO) Pump - WK/WKS.
  • 2019: Water Pressure Boosting System: moviBOOST Dual.
  • 2019: Indigenous Ama Porter Pump.
  • 2019: Submersible Pump - CORA 2HH.
  • 2019: 3-Phase Monobloc Pump - Ultra.
  • 2019: Vertical Open-well Submersible Pumps Series.
  • 2019: Slurry Recirculation Pump - KWP for FGD Application.
  • 2020: KSB Motors.
  • 2020: Slurry Recirculation Pump (Smaller sizes) - KWP for Industrial Application.
  • 2020: Horizontal Axially Splitcase Pump - Gamma.
  • 2020: Submersible Bore well Pump - 5 inch and 9 inch.
Parent OrganizationKSB Ltd.Managing DirectorRajeev Jain
Founded1960NSE SymbolKSB