About the Company

Readymade Steel India (RMS) was incorporated on March 21, 2006 under Companies Act, 1956 in Maharashtra. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified steel service provider with an installed capacity of 27,000 MTPA and also one of the pioneers of introducing the concept of readymade steel products in the country. The company currently operates from its plant located at Khopoli, Raigad district, Maharashtra. The plant consists of automated shear lines, bending lines, cutting lines, automated stirrup machines etc. and is supported by other material handling equipments. Anil Agrawal is the founder promoter of the company and has more than a decade of experience in steel industry. The current staff strength is 36 which include qualified and experienced professionals.

The major customers of company are infrastructure developers and contractors. The company, since last few years, is successfully obtaining orders from major construction companies like Larsen & Toubro Limited, Nagarjuna Constructions Company Limited, etc. to supply ready to use steel products for their construction needs. It has supplied steel products to Mumbai Mono Rail Project, Sahar Elevated Access Road, Mumbai, Nasik Elevated Corridor, Palais Royale, Mumbai etc.

The company's products find their application in all kinds of construction activities spanning across bridges, mono rail, metro rail, airports, malls, hotels, buildings, factories etc. These products are processed from iron and steel products such as re-bars fulfilling domestic and international design requirements. The company intends to add more value added products, like the welded steel mesh, standard stirrups etc., this will enable it to become a one stop solution provider to all the reinforcement needs of the customers.

The company is now expanding business both in terms of productive capacity and geographical reach by expanding the existing facility at Khopoli and setting-up additional facilities near New Delhi and Raipur respectively. With this expansion, the existing capacity at Khopoli will be increased from 27,000 MTPA to 90,000 MTPA and proposed new facilities near New Delhi and Raipur will be having capacity of 50,000 MTPA each. Since company offers niche and relatively new product in India it faces limited competition.


Stirrups (Cut & Bend)

The cutting and bending of steel is one of the most important aspects in any kind of construction or infrastructure projects. This could be done on site manually and conventionally, it is done as such. The traditional method, though, may result in inaccurate dimensions and improperly bent bars. The company’s skilled operators, work in an organised and controlled setup which results in consistently superior quality products. Reinforcement bars of various diameters (normally ranging from 6 mm to 40 mm) are cut and bent as per the bar bending schedule.

Prefabricated Cages

Prefabricated cages are made by piecing together rebars and stirrups as per the structural drawings. Two connecting cages are aligned on ground before installation. This ensures that the cages fit perfectly during installation. 


  • Mumbai Mono Rail Projects
  • Sahar Elevated Access Road
  • Nashik Elevated Corridor
  • Phoenix Mills Market City, Kurla
  • Palais Royal, Mumbai

Group Companies

  • Ready Made Steel
  • Kridhan Infrastructure
  • Kridhan Infra Solutions
  • Kh Foges Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Parent OrganizationKridhan Infra Ltd.Managing Director
Founded2006NSE SymbolKRIDHANINF