About the Company

Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd. is a part of the renowned HC Kothari Group, the largest producer of premium quality Polybutene in India. Since their founding in 1990, the company has enjoyed a strong market position in India with a rapidly growing brand across the globe that represents quality, customer responsiveness, dependability and a commitment to the environment.

In the financial year 2007-2008, Kothari Petrochemicals commissioned a second plant in Manali that doubled their production capacity to 22,000 MT per annum in order to supply Polybutene worldwide. They have offices in Chennai, Manali, Mumbai and Belgium, and supply to customers in 20 countries around the world. In the year 2007-2008, the company undertook aggressive restructuring of its leadership team, business processes and culture to strengthen its position as a trusted brand worldwide. The restructuring actions have resulted in improved operating efficiency, superior global consistency, and strengthened financial performances. They have metamorphosed from a regional company to a global business and continue to implement best practices that are shared and implemented globally. Innovation and technology improvements remain the industry’s most critical competitive factor. Continued investment and acceleration in them have resulted in high quality levels of their products that are unmatched in India, and at parity with the leading global suppliers of polybutene. An ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification only adds value to their statement. The company's products have been tested and certified by major customers, such as Infineum, Lubrizol, Shell and Exxon, and are used across a wide range of industries worldwide.  

With every industry, requirements and needs change. Their Polybutene works for various applications in multitudinous industries across the globe. Marketed worldwide under the KVIS brand name, their product has time and again delivered the goods and exceeded their clients’ expectations to no measure.   Kothari Petrochemicals Health, Safety and Environment strategy is based on active involvement of every employee. As part of the HC Kothari Group, which has significant interests in green energy research and development, they are committed to being an environmentally friendly producer of products, which in turn are cleaner and non-toxic.   The versatile applications of the Polybutene (special grades) have incited a potent demand for its derivatives across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Far Eastern Countries and USA. The strongest growth in Polybutene demand is in Asia, a region in which Kothari has grown as a trusted supplier to many large companies, such as Exxon Mobil, Infineum, Chevron, BP Castrol and Lubrizol.

Product range of the company includes:

KVIS is the trade name of polybutene produced by Kothari Petrochemicals. KVIS is a linear polymer of isobutylene of different molecular weights, and possesses excellent resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation. Polybutene is chemically inert, hydrophobic and impermeable to water vapour or gas.

The KVIS is a synthetic liquid polymer, which is a straight chain hydrocarbon structure of polybutene that is produced in a variety of grades through a rigid low temperature polymerization process. It is derived from raw material consisting of mainly Isobutylene. The compact straight chain structure results in brilliant moisture and barrier properties and is soluble in a wide range of organic solvents.

  • KVIS-10
  • KVIS-30
  • KVIS-100
  • KVIS-200

All KVIS grades are colourless (water white), non-staining and have little or no odour and are mostly used in applications where low temperature flexibility is a requirement.

Achievements/ recognition:

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001: 2004)
  • Kothari Petrochemicals’ “KVIS” brand polybutene products have undergone quality testing and have been approved by numerous international and Indian organizations.
Parent OrganizationKothari Petrochemicals Ltd.Managing DirectorArjun B Kothari
Founded1989NSE SymbolKOTHARIPET