About the Company

Hydro S&S Industries (HSSIL), was established in Technical Collaboration with the Performance Plastics Division of Norsk Hydro Polymers, UK to manufacture Polypropylene Compounds on November 10, 1983. The company is part of the WS Group a well known industrial group in South India with interests in Electrical Transmission and Distribution and in engineering plastics.

It manufactures and sells all kinds of plastics and resinsincluding compounds intermediates derivatives and by-products.

The company has set up a project at Sipcot Industrial Complex Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu on a land admeasuring 7 acres for themanufacture of 2000 metric tons per annum of mineral mouldingcompounds. The company has entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Hydro Polymers Ltd Hampshire England.

The company’s state-of-the-art production facilities are located at Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The company has the capacity to supply 18000 MTS of compounds per annum and has latest R&D and testing facilities, which include Instron UTM, Ceast Impact and HDT testers, ATLAS weatherometer, UL Chamber, computerised colour matching facilities etc. Both the plants are certified under TS16949 quality standards by Det Norske Veritas.

HSSIL has a marketing reach throughout India, backed by sound manufacturing, R&D, sales and logistical support capability, drawing upon the collective expertise and resource of the entire group to provide state-of-art products, we deliver locally optimized solutions for customers

Product range of the company includes:

  • Polypropylene- Hydro S & S Industries Limited('HSSIL') manufactures a wide range of Reinforced Polypropylene compounds under the HYFIL brand name. Polypropylene modified by the addition of reinforcements such as talc, chalk, mica and glass fibre has enabled it to establish itself as a metal substitute in engineering applications.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers- A wide range of thermoplastic elastomers under the HYPRENE brand name is also made available. These products are manufactured under a strategic alliance with Advanced Elastomers Systems (AES),USA, the worldwide leader in engineered TPE's. AES provides the base material and technical support to HSSIL for manufacture of TPE's in India.
  • Pultrusion- XTRUGLAS is the trade name of HSSIL products manufactured by Pultrusion process. Xtruglas pultruded sections are similar to extrusions in that they have a constant cross section and are made by a continuous process. They are manufactured from a wide variety of high performance thermosetting resins with fibre reinforcements namely glass and carbon.
Parent OrganizationKingfa Science & Technology (India) Ltd.Managing DirectorBo JIngen
Founded1983NSE SymbolKINGFA