About the Company

Khaitan India is a part of Khaitan group, is in the business of manufacturing sugar and cane cultivation. The company was incorporated in 1936.

The company has a sugar unit at Plassey in Murshidabad district of West Bengal, which currently has a crushing capacity of 1,200 tons per day (TCD). The capacity is planned to go up to 1,500 TCD by 2007 and to 2,000 TCD by 2008. The company is installing a turbine to reduce fuel cost.

The company's agriculture division has 8,000 acres of land near its sugar unit, where a total of about 302,699 trees have been planted in the last 15 years. The plantations include litchi, mango, teak and kadam. It is estimated that after 10 years, the plantations might be valued anywhere between Rs 3,000 million and Rs 5,000 million.

The company has a 35% stake in Khaitan Electricals. It earns royalty income from the Khaitan brand name despite discontinuing marketing activities of KEL products.

Business areas of the company

  • The company mainly operates in manufacture and market of sugar.

The company works under three segments, namely, Marketing division, Sugar Division and Agriculture division.

Marketing division  used to market various products like lamps, bulbs, luminaries, home appliances, MCB, wires and other products.

Sugar division segment involved in manufacturing of sugar by using sugarcane.

Agriculture division segment engaged in growing and supplying of sugarcane.

Parent OrganizationKhaitan (India) Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1936NSE SymbolKHAITANLTD