About the Company

Monnet Ispat & Energy was incorporated on February 1,1990. A Monnet group company, it is engaged in the business of sponge iron, steel ingot & billets and coal mining.

Monnet Ispat Ltd has an excellent manufacturing setup for sponge iron, steel billets & ingots. It also has a coal mining division and has now diversified into power generation for captive consumption.

The success story of Monnet Ispat Limited started with the commissioning of 1 lac tonne per annum (TPA) sponge iron plant set up at one-fourth the cost of similar plants. The indigenous technology used in setting up this plant enables Monnet to produce sponge iron of excellent Quality matching with the product of other plants set up using highly capital intensive foreign technology. With the addition of a second Rotary Kiln, Monnet has ensured augmentation of a capacity to 2.30 lac TPA. Additionally two rotary kilns each of 35000 TPA were comissioned in second half of 2003.

The plant is located in Raipur, Chattisgarh state, close to the source of its main raw materials -- iron ore and coal. In future to increase its competitive edge, Monnet has entered into mining of coal and iron ore from captive mines.

Monnet has come a long way in a very short span of time. It views human resource as the company's most valuable asset, much more valuable than the other factors of productions i.e. money, materials and machinery. A product can be duplicated, technology is available for a price, but human being are non-duplicable. In the 21st century, the human resource is going to be the competitive advantage of any company, be it in the manufacturing or the service sector. A customer driven company, we at Monnet, are as much concerned about our external customers as we are about our internal customers.

Product range of the company includes:

Sponge iron, steel and ferro alloys. In addition, the Group is engaged in mining of coal and power generation for captive consumption.

Monnet Ispat & Energy has bought back 1.28 million shares at an average price of Rs 141.52 per share.The buyback begun on Dec 8, 2008 and closed effective May 22.The total amount invested in the buyback was Rs 182.03 million, which is 24.27% of the maximum offer size authorised by the buyback.

In 2011 Monnet Ispat & Energy Limited acquired Indonesian Coal Company.

Parent OrganizationJSW Ispat Special Products Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1990NSE SymbolJSWISPL