About the Company

Indo-Tech Transformers,The flagship  company of the Indo Tech Group made a small beginning in the year 1976 and today it is a prominent player in the transformer market in India, manufacturing power and distribution transformers upto 100 MVA/220 KV. Over the years it has executed orders for North American markets for Mobile transformers and substation transformers. It has also strengthened its presence in Southern Indian SEBs (TNEB, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala) and built capabilities in various types of transformers such as Wind power, Fail Safe, Amorphous metal core.

Indo Tech has a list of over 3900 satisfied customers. Its key customer categories include SEBs, EPC contractors, Corporate and exports to our clients abroad. It has developed relationships with all Southern Electricity Boards. Its EPC contractors customer base include Larsen & Toubro, ABB Ltd, Reliance Energy Limited etc, Corporates include Taj Group of Hotels, Lakshmi Machine Works, TI Group, Sanmar group etc.Since inception it has supplied over 55,000 transformers of various capacities (upto 60MVA) to over 3000 customers in India. Over the last 8 years, it has exported transformers to Nigeria, Srilanka, U.K., USA, Ghana, Canada, and several other countries.

It manufactures special transformers, which are customer & industry specific. Various technologies have been imported as well as developed to keep abreast with the ever-changing international scenario. It had several technical collaborations in the past with companies such as Honeywell Inc., (Formerly Allied Signals, (USA)), MobleSource Industries Inc etc to manufacture various types of distribution and power transformers.

The Indo Tech Group has diversified into various related areas of business, manufacturing Electrical, Electronic & computer hardware related products, pre - stressed cement casting products in addition to various special application transformers, mobile sub-station transformers & sub - stations. It is currently manufacturing largest mobile transformer of 60MVA capacity and has obtained approval as a supplier of 132KV Power transformer for Power Grid Corporation of India Limited.

The company is having four manufacturing facilities spread between Palakkad in Kerala, Thirumazhisai & Kancheepuram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Over 56000 Transformers of different ratings are in service in various Substations and Industries across India and around the world. The plants of the company are capable of manufacturing 500 -600 transformers of assorted sizes every month, and have an overall annual capacity of 2450 MVA.

In 2009 the Company was ranked as No. 1 in the Electrical Machines and Equipment Sector in the Industry 2.0 Top 500 SMBs.
In 2010 the brand of the products of the Company has been changed from ‘Indo-Tech' to 'Prolec GE'.

Research & development- The Company is having its own Research and Development Wing, which has developed ITTEPAC & RADAC. ITTEPAC is Intergrated Total Transformer Electronic Protection and Control, a microprocessor based control, which monitors and controls the various parameters of a transformer such as voltage, current, temperature etc. RADAC is a Remote Controlled Operation of Transformers. It monitors and controls a cluster of Distribution Transformers in a particular area.

The company has two Test laboratories. The Medium Test Laboratory is equipped to test upto 20 MVA 33 KV class including the temperature rise test. The larger power laboratory has state - of - the - art equipments to test upto 100 MVA 220 KV class transformers.

The company is having a good global reach and has exported various transformers to USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Germany, Egypt, Singapore, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Switzerland etc.

The product range of the company includes

Open Ventilated Dry Type Transformers in technical tie-up with E. I. Dupont, ranging between 100KVA/11KV & 2500KVA/33KV class. These transformers are manufactured at Thirumazhisai.Distribution Transformers suitable for use in utilities and industries, ranging between 100KVA /11KV & 3150KVA/33KV.

Furnance transformers Up to 15MVA and 50 kilo amps current rating for Arc Furnace and induction furnace in service.

Mobile Substation Transformers up to 60MVA, voltage upto 220KV of compact design with nomex insulation and unit coolers.

Power Transformers between 5MVA/33KV to 315MVA/400KV including two winding, three winding and auto transformers. Special Transformers with On Load Tap Changer to cater for wide variation upto 40% range for industries, Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformers for high efficiency, Auto Booster for 11KV and 33KV application.

The Customers of the company ranges from aqua culture / fish culture, automotive industries, Banks,Cement industry, Chemicals/plastic/rubber, Dairy, Granite, Government department, Construction to Municipalities.


Parent OrganizationIndo Tech Transformers Ltd.Managing Director
Founded1992NSE SymbolINDOTECH