About the Company

IFB Agro Industries Limited incorporated as a private limited company on February 19, 1982 promoted by Indian Fine Black Limited, Bijon Nag and others is a reputated Public Limited Company. The company has various consumer oriented products both for domestic & export markets. The corporate office of the company is situated at EM Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal.

IFB Agro Industries is one of the largest producers of alcohol in eastern India, having 6 large captive bottling plants situated in Bengal, Orissa & North East. The company is also engaged in the production of Carbon Dioxide Gas & processing of Marine Products for Export as well as for the Indian market.

Different business divisions of the company:

Alcohol Division        Distillery Noorpur- situated at the bank of the river Hooghly, near Diamond Harbour at South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, IFB Agro commenced their Noorpur Distillery in 1987 creating a landmark in the industrial resurgence of West Bengal with an installed capacity of 60,000 liters per day based on Molasses.

Apart from its existing molasses based distillery, IFB Agro has also set up a new state of the art Grain Distillery based on the latest technology in distillation with a capacity of 60,000 liters per day. The distillery ensures captive power and confirms to zero discharge norms. The usage of Multicolumn Multipressure Distillation Technology removes all impurities from the Alcohol to ensure a perfect rich bouquet of taste and flavour.

The IMFL Division of IFB is housed at Maheshtala (South 24 Pgs.) West Bengal. At present, the operations of the division are concentrated in West Bengal and the North Eastern States, primarily Assam, Meghalaya and Orissa. The company has targetted business expansions in neighboring states in the near future. All 25 UP & 50UP products are made from Grain Spirit which is sourced in house.

The marine division exports prawn to USA, Europe, Japan, Australia & South Africa.  

Domestic : IFB Royal Prawn are ready to cook hygienically processed, headless, peeled and deveined and economicaliy packed in consumer friendly packs of 100 & 200 grams. The product is available from exclusive outlets in the city of Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai. IFB Prawn POPS and Breaded Fish Fillets are ready to fry and are available from consumer friendly outlets at Kolkata.

IFB Agro is the largest distributor of C.P. Feeds (Thailand) in West Bengal. It also supplies farmers with various types of soil and water probiotics and supplements for healthy and sustainable grow of shrimps.

Their customers are spread all over the world:


  • Export Packers Company Ltd.


  • Morubel of Belgium
  • SPI of UK
  • Ice Pak of UK
  • Sea Hawk of UK
  • C.T. Holms of UK
  • Bloomsbury International Ltd. UK
  • Le Martin Pecheur Re-Union
  • Blue Planet Food Group. Denmark
  • Texas Frozen Foods Ltd. Ireland
  • Pingo Doce-Distrib. Portugal


  • Marubeni Corporation
  • Hanwa Co.Ltd
  • Sojitz Corporation
  • Kanematsu Corporation
  • Eagle Sea Foods
  • Fuji Corporation

South Africa

  • Breco Pty Ltd                
Parent OrganizationIFB Agro Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorAmitabha Mukhopadhyay
Founded1982NSE SymbolIFBAGRO