About the Company

Huhtamaki India Ltd. is a leading provider of primary consumer packaging & decorative labelling solutions in India, and part of Huhtamaki Oyj, a Finnish-based global food packaging major.

Packing memorable experiences together with its customers and partners since 1935, today the company has a total solutions company with a Pan-India presence, backed by 18 manufacturing sites and 5 customer support centers. The acquisitions and subsequent mergers of Webtech Labels Pvt Ltd.  & Positive Packaging Industries Ltd., as well as the acquisition of the India operations of Ajanta Labels have strengthened HPPL’s leadership in flexible and labelling solutions.

With a passion to protect what is good, it offers unique pack designs and formats through a comprehensive portfolio of flexible packaging solutions. Its solutions include barrier and recyclable laminates, specialized pouching like shaped, 5 and 6 panel pouches, thermoforms, decorative labels, digitally printed laminates for pack personalization and tube laminates.

Catering to both, domestic as well as global demand, its tube laminates are designed for segments such as food, oral care, skin care, pharma and other non-food items. Its leadership in labels is built on offerings across all modern technologies such as shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, metallised labels, heat transfer, in-mould and wrap-around labels. It even offers end-to-end solutions through shrink tunnels and applicators.

For the company, packaging is so much more than just what goes around a product. It’s about building brands, opening new opportunities in new markets and protecting reputations as much as products. That’s why the company has invested for the long-term, to help its customers as they develop and grow. It leverages its rich experience and strong technical capabilities to help brands serve more packaging convenience, personalisation and sustainability and keep pace with rapid change. As specialists of flexible packaging, its purpose is to help great products reach more people, more easily.

Business area of the company

The company is a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, with more than a 100-year legacy and Nordic heritage. The company ensures hygiene and safety of food & beverages by fulfilling packaging needs that help in preserving the food and increase shelf life. It keeps food & beverages edible for longer. Thereby, reducing food waste while providing access to affordable food for consumers, wherever they are in the world. It also develops fit-for-purpose packaging integral to industries like health care, personal & home care, pet care and other nonfood solutions. To this end, it is material positive, choosing the right packaging materials based on their functionality and full-life cycle, making evidence-based decisions to drive the circular economy. The company’s product portfolio also includes tube laminates, making it a partner of choice for beauty care, oral care and the pharma industry. It brings in innovation in design through its labeling solutions portfolio.

Products range

  • Food packaging
  • Beverages
  • Petfood
  • Tube laminates
  • Health care
  • Personal care & household
  • Labels
  • Other specialties
  • Recyclable solutions

Awards and recognitions

  • 2019: Dow Packaging Innovation Award for Syngenta bag-in-bag pouch and Akulon barrier and drop resistant bulk bag.
  • 2019: India’s Most Trusted Companies Award 2019.
  • 2019: IFCA Star Awards for Myst recyclable paper-based air-freshener pack; Bisleri two-faced jar label; Zero-stain embossed cube wraps; Easter limited-edition shampoo pack; and Royal Khajoor shaped pouch.
  • 2019: SIES SOP Star Awards for Syngenta bag-in-bag pouch; Akulon recyclable and drop-resistant bulk bag; ID Coffee Decoction profile pouch; and Akulon barrier and drop-resistant bulk bag.
  • 2019: 14th National Awards for Excellence in Printing Ferrero Banderolla and Royal Khajoor shaped pouch.
  • 2019: Asian Packaging Excellence Awards for Cornetto embossed cone sleeves and Meera registered holo sachet.
  • 2020: The Economic Times Polymers Awards for Recyclable see-through snack pack.
  • 2020: SIES SOP Star Awards for Sticker-in-laminate and Alu-free retortable easy peel lid.
  • 2020: The Economic Times Polymers Awards for Recyclable see-through snack pack.
  • 2020: World Star Awards for Meera registered holograms; ID ‘Do it Yourself’ Vada batter pouch; and Syngenta bag-in-bag pouch.
  • 2021: World Star Awards for High barrier bulk bag with extreme drop resistance; Recyclable mono-paper air-fragrance pocket; Alu-free retort and microwave-safe easy-peel lid; Coconut paste bottoms up pouch; and KitKat Celebreak glow-in-dark pack.
  • 2021: SIES SOP Star Awards for Sticker in a laminate for brand promotions and Alu-free retort and microwave-safe easy-peel lid.
  • 2021: IFCA Star Awards 2021 for Sticker in a laminate for brand promotions; Coconut paste bottoms-up pouch; Interactive both-side printed flow-wrap; and KitKat Celebreak glow-in-dark pack.
Parent OrganizationHuhtamaki India Ltd.Managing DirectorDhananjay Salunkhe
Founded1950NSE SymbolHUHTAMAKI