About the Company

Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd was incorporated on August 26, 1991 under the name of Shri Glassteel Equipments Limited. Subsequently the name of the company was changed to Swiss Glasscoat Equipment Limited on March 3,1992 and certificate of commencment of businss was obtained on March 5,1992.

Swiss Glascoat Equipments is a company engaged in the manufacture of glass lined equipment and spares. Their objective is to ensure a corrosion-free technosphere under the sun. As an organisation, they are engaged in fighting against the evil forces of corrosion and protect your machinery and balance sheet both in a very unprecedented manner.

In a very short span of its existence, they've showcased the true spirit of a Spartan by accomplishing many projects of varied nature. Today, they've emerged as a front-runner of domestic glasslining fraternity with the help of their trend-setting products and services by catering to industries as diverse as from dyes to pigments; from pharmaceuticals to food processing from chemicals to pesticides; from intermediates to resins or any other conceivable corrosion-prone areas in chemical processing industry.

Their mission is to create, sustain and enhance a powerful platform with a Total Qualitative Approach, where the fusion between demand and supply can happen in a systematic way, thanks to their ability to integrate people, products and practices.

Glascoat has embarked upon the technological drive to synthesize the best of engineering practices and technological advancements to come up with the superior quality solutions in the glasslined products. They started their sprint to success by launching two 6300 litre reactors with all the contemporary features included in the very first year.

By consolidating quality, performance, engineering design, service and much more, Glascoat has today established itself as an OPSP (One-Point-Solution-Provider) for glasslined products of any type, size or output plus a complete range of accessories.

Product range of the company includes:

The Glascoat product range consists of both ready-made (for standard requirement) and custom-built (for unique requirement) equipment and accessories of versatile nature.

Glass Lined Reactors

  • AE Type
  • CE Type
  • Agitation
  • Stainless Steel GLRs
  • GMP Model Reactors

Storage Tanks

  • Vertical Type
  • Horizontal Type


  • Shell & Shell Type
  • Plate Type

ColumnsRotary Vaccum Dryers

  • Agitated Nutche Filters

Other products

  • Glass Lined Flush Bottom Outlet Valve
  • Bellows- Sealed Valve
  • Glass Lined Diaphragm Valve
  • GL Pipes & Fittings
  • Flanged Pipe
  • Flanged Elbows 45
  • Flanged Elbows 90
  • Flanged Crosses
  • Flanged T- Pieces
  • Flanged Crosses with reduced connection
  • Flanged T- Pieces with reduced connection
  • Reducing Flanges
  • Reducer

Achievements/ recognition:

  • BS EN ISO 9001:1994
  • IS / ISO 9001:1994
Parent OrganizationHLE Glascoat Ltd.Managing DirectorHimanshu Patel
Founded1991NSE SymbolHLEGLAS