About the Company

Emami Infrastructure Limited originally incorporated in the name of style of Slick Properties Private Limited in 2008. The status of the company was changed to public limited company and the name of the company was changed to Slick Properties Limited on June 25, 2009 and subsequently the name of the company was changed to Emami Infrastructure Limited on July 01, 2009. The company was incorporated on objective of undertaking business of real estate developments and related activities. Pursuant to the scheme, the company has been vested with the real estate undertaking, as defined under the scheme, comprising inter-alia equity shares in Emami Realty Limited and Zandu Realty Limited (formerly The Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Limited) which are engaged in business in the real estate and infrastructure development sector. The company is involved in real estate and infrastructure development through its equity shareholding in the aforesaid companies.

Business Profile:

Its operation spans all aspects of real estate development, from the identification and acquisition of land, to the planning, execution and marketing of its projects through to the maintenance and management of its completed developments. In the commercial business area, the company intention is to build and lease commercial office space, with a focus on properties attractive to large multinational tenants. The company’s intention with regard to its retail business area is to develop, manage and lease or sell shopping malls. In the residential area, the company aims to build and sell a wide range of properties ranging from townships to high end developments targeted at the increasingly affluent sections of the Indian population. With the growth of the Indian economy and the resulting increase in corporate and consumer incomes, as well as foreign investment, it believes there are significant opportunities for growth in this primary business area. The company also intends to diversify into other real estate related business such as infrastructure construction and development of hotels.

Companies under the same management:

  • Emami Limited
  • Zandu Realty Limited (formerly The Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Limited)
  • CRI Limited
  • AMRI Hospitals Limited
  • Emami Frank Ross Limited
  • Emami Paper Mills Limited

Subsidiary Companies and stepdown subsidiary companies:

  • Emami Realty Limited
  • Delta PV Private Limited
  • Emami Constructions Private Limited
  • Emami Ashiana Private Limited
  • Octagon BPO Private Limited
  • New Age Realty Private Limited
  • Emami Rainbow Niketan Private Limited
Parent OrganizationEmami Realty Ltd.Managing DirectorNitesh Kumar Gupta
Founded2008NSE SymbolEMAMIREAL