About the Company

Educomp Solution, established in 1994, offers diversified education solutions. It is the largest education company in India. It provides learning solutions to schools, governments, teachers, students and parents. It has research and development center located at Noida that creates quality products and services. The solution is based on education principles that help them to design education systems.

It caters to around 19,000 schools and 9.4 million learners and educators across the world. Educomp has subsidiaries namely EuroKids, Ask n learn, Learning.com, Savvica, authorgen.com, edusmart.com and threebrix.com.

In order to provide quality products and services it has partnered with Gaja Capital Partners, Learning Leadership Foundation (LLF), Microsoft, Intel, Raffles, Wipro are among others.

It has 27 offices across the world in one in Canada, 20 in India, 2 In Singapore, 1 in Sri Lanka and 3 in US

In April 2009, Educomp Solutions entered into joint venture with Lavasa Corporation with the aim of jointly facilitating independent trusts to set up four educational institutes at Lavasa. Also the company inked agreement to open Raffles International College in India through Joint Venture with Raffles Education Corporation the largest private education company in Asia-pacific region. Educomp has acquired 51% in Takshila Management Services. It is a specialist in setting up schools in tier-II and tier-III cities across India

In June 2009, Educomp Solutions announce Joint Venture with Pearson, the international education and Information Company offering skills training in India to support vocational learning in India.

In August 2010, Educomp Solutions has picked up a strategic stake in leading engineering test preparation player Vidya Mandir Classes (VMC) for close to Rs 34 crore.

On October 2010, Educomp's subsidiary- Learning.com acquired Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's (HMH's) Connected Tech Texas Technology Applications (Tech Apps), Adoption contracts and an exclusive license to provide the Connected Tech - Texas (CTT) product to Texas Tech Apps Adoption customers. It also entered into an agreement with Chinese firm China Distance Education Holdings (CDEL), through its Singapore- based subsidiary AsknLearn.

In January 2011, Educomp Solutions and Zeebo Inc have announced the proposed formation of a new JV in India and have made public their plans to introduce a version of Zeebo`s 3G connected education and entertainment system especially for the Indian market in 2011.

In February 2011, Educomp Solutions picked up a majority stake in the leading test preparation company Gateforum Educational Services.

Products and Services

It has developed various products that cater from kindergarten to twelfth grade. It has created products namely Smart Class, Quest, Mathguru, WiZiQ, Learning Hour, Singapore Learning and Magikeys.

In service category, it provides professional development, school developments, computer education programs and creating learning system for schools.

Educomp is India’s no.1 K-12 education company providing wide range of e-solutions in education space.

It has a vision to be amongst the top five K-12 companies and to reach 10 million learners by 2010.

Parent OrganizationEducomp Solutions Ltd.Managing DirectorShantanu Prakash
Founded1994NSE SymbolEDUCOMP