About the Company

The foundation of Dhunseri Tea was laid when two British planters F B Hannen and W P Reid opened a tea estate at the foot of Bhutan Hills and planted 150 acres of tea in one year.

The company was formally incorporated on May 11, 1916 when the two planters transferred this estate to Dhunseri Tea Company Limited which was actually founded with the main objective of buying the estate. The estate was named Dhunseri Tea Estate due to its close proximity with the Dhunseri river.

The company is the producer of nearly 3% total Assam tea. Teas from the company’s gardens are rated at a premium over most other manufacturers.

Dhunseri Tea has striven to create and introduce new blends & new brands – renowned for quality of their blends. The company introduced packet teas in 1987-88 under the brand names of ‘LAL GHORA’ & ‘KALA GHORA’ in Rajasthan where people like their tea liquor full-bodied and strong. The company holds the highest market share in the premium segment of packet tea in Rajasthan.

Fully-automatic Form, Fill & Seal machines are used to pack the teas in packets made of pre-printed polyester and poly-laminated films. While packaging, efforts are made to preserve the freshness of the teas. The packeting factories are located at Jaipur and Dhunseri Tea Estate. After launching packet tea in Rajasthan successfully, Dhunseri has recently introduced its new brand 'Chhote Lal' in Rajasthan to cater to the lower segment. Chhote Lal tea truly compliments Lal Ghora & Kala Ghora in all aspects vis-a-vis 100% Assam teas blend from our own factories.

Tireless efforts of the company transformed dense jungles full of wild beasts and reptiles, into lush green valleys of tea bushes. New roads and paths were paved, residential quarters were constructed, a factory for processing green tea was established and finally a packaging center for packaging of garden-fresh processed tea was set up. All these ushered in an era of hope. Darkness gave way to sunlight and humanity.

The Dhanuka family, after acquiring substantial stake in the company made a successful and peaceful bid for the management in 1956. With the Companies Act becoming effective from April 1, 1956 certain restrictions were imposed on Managing Agents / Secretaries and Treasurers. E A Hutchison, the Chairman, at that time agreed to terminate the agreement between the company and James Finlay and Co. Ltd. which ushered in the new management.

India is the home to the world’s finest tea plantations. Different regions are endowed with superior brand of tea leaves.Dhunseri Tea, a name to reckon with in the world of tea, is a premium quality integrated tea company in India. At Dhunseri, they are more than products. They are people who source, blend and test tea to ensure a variety of superior quality tea. they grow, manufacture & pack tea with utmost care so as to retain its smooth taste, refreshing flavor and exotic aroma. The stress on quality is so much that quality is never sacrificed for quantity.

Over the years the organisation has experienced continuous growth and expansion in its scale of operations.The company has just started the commercial production of PET polymer plant South Asian Petrochem Ltd.

Associate Companies:

  •  Investment & Finance Companies
  • Tezpore Tea Company Limited
  • South Asian Petrochem Limited

Dhunseri Tea & Industries, board in February 2009 has approved the proposed Rs 130 crore worth IT and ITES infrastructure project of the company for development of Twin Towers at Kolkata IT Park at Bantala.


Change of name of the Dhunseri Tea and Industries Ltd to DHUNSERI PETROCHEM & TEA LTD has been Approved
DhunseriTea - Commencement of civil construction of the new plant at Haldia
DhunseriTea - Acquisition of Tea Factor of Primax Tea Pvt. Ltd.
DhunseriTea - Acquisition of Shreemoni Tea Factory
Company has changed its name from Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd. to Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Ltd. 2011
DhunseriTea - Acquisition of Sona Assam Tea Factory
DhunseriTea - Incorporation of a subsidiary in Singapore
Second Best Exporter Award, 2009 : 2010


DhunseriTea - Acquisition of Companies in Malawi, Africa
Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea receives new CARE ratings
Inauguration of Second PET plant of the Company situated at Haldia

Parent OrganizationDhunseri Ventures Ltd.Managing DirectorAruna Dhanuka
Founded1916NSE SymbolDVL