About the Company

Incorporated in 1983, Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited (DCAL) started out as a manufacturer of quaternary ammonium and phosphate compounds. Having ventured into the CRAMS space in India, the company soon became one of the fastest growing companies. Today, the company is a leading global outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical industry, offering a portfolio of development, scale-up, and manufacturing services.

The company aids drug innovators for development and process optimization for novel drug molecules in various stages of the development process. Once the innovative molecules are approved, the company further explore the possibility of large scale commercial supply tie-ups. The company is generating a healthy pipeline of contract manufacturing opportunities commensurate to the growing revenue base of manufacturing. Its robust business model is capable of sustaining growth, with CRAMS being the focal point of all its strategic efforts.

Business area of the company

The company is a fully integrated CRAMS player working with global pharmaceutical innovators. It has a global presence with development and manufacturing facilities across Europe, India, and China. It provides end-to-end, integrated, high-value, niche CRAMS offering, right from process research & development to late-stage clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities along with the supply of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to innovator pharmaceutical companies.

Products and services

  • Vitamin D & Analogues
  • Disinfectants
  • Highly Potent API Supply
  • Niche Generic API
  • Speciality Chemicals

History and Milestones

  • 1983: Incorporation of Dishman Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Limited.
  • 1989: Commencing production of Phase Transfer Catalysts at Naroda facility.
  • 1995: Entered into a JV with Schutz & Co. for manufacturing Chlorhexidine and Derivatives for European market.
  • 1996: Commencement of Bavla facility for Bulk Intermediates.
  • 2001: First commercial contract manufacturing agreement signed with a major western pharmaceutical company.
  • 2004: Came out with an IPO on Indian stock exchanges.
  • 2005: Acquisition of Synprotec - DCR (now known as CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd, UK).
  • 2006: Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS - a Swiss based CRAMS player.
  • 2007: Acquisition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals’ Vitamins and Chemicals business (now known as CARBOGEN AMCIS BV).
  • 2010: Commenced Dishman Shanghai manufacturing facility.
  • 2012: Acquisition of Riom (France) - CARBOGEN AMCIS SAS.
  • 2014: Acquisition of Vionnaz (CH) site - CARBOGEN AMCIS.
  • 2017: Change of name of the parent to Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited, reinforcing the synergies between Dishman and Carbogen Amcis brands.
  • 2020: Global Reorganization of Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Team.
Parent OrganizationDishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd.Managing DirectorArpit J Vyas
Founded2007NSE SymbolDCAL