About the Company

Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited has been one of the fastest-growing success stories in the Indian sugar industry. The company’s foray into the sugar business was made in the mid-90s and the first unit of 2500 TCD was set up at Ramgarh, a village in the Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh in 1994.

During 2006-2007, the company embarked on a major growth path by setting up two greenfield plants at Jawaharpur (Dist. Sitapur, U.P.) and Nigohi (Dist. Shahjahanpur, U.P.) and expanding existing facilities at the Ramgarh unit.

It is now a fully integrated player with 120 MW of co-generation capacity and a distillery of 255 KLPD along with incineration boilers. It also has facilities for processing of raw sugar.

These state-of-the-art facilities serve as a role model for the sugar industry since the company has achieved excellence in plant operational metrics and holds a technological leadership position in the industry.

Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited has robust quality systems and has also embarked upon 5S and TPM initiatives to create world-class systems and processes. After having received wide acceptance for its world-class systems, it now produces high-quality sugar which has found wide acceptance in markets in U.P. and Eastern India.

The company is a preferred sugar supplier to brand-enhancing institutional giants such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Mondelez, Perfetti, Britannia, Wal-Mart India, Dabur, D-Mart, India Glycols Allied Blenders & Distillers, United Breweries, Carlsberg, SABMiller and many others in the alcohol segment. It also exports to various locations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Middle East, Mediterranean countries, East Africa etc.

The team has taken up several initiatives to drive sustainable growth through water conservation and alternative energy solutions. This has led to lasting competitive advantage and efficiencies in all aspects of operations. It has also taken on a proactive role at the industry level and has been instrumental in driving many policies and regulatory changes in the sugar, ethanol and renewable energy sector.

It is under the leadership of Gautam Dalmia that the sugar business has consistently been performing beyond expectations. He has been instrumental in driving Dalmia Sugar’s growth across the country by taking the business at the forefront of technological and operational excellence.

Business area of the company

The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing of sugar, generation of power, manufacturing of Industrial alcohol and manufacturing of refractory products.

Products segments

Sugar: Dalmia Bharat Group’s foray in to the sugar business was made in the mid-nineties. It has at present five sugar units, of which three are located in the largest sugar producing state of Uttar Pradesh and two are in Maharashtra. It is the only company in India to have manufacturing facilities in two non-contiguous states in India.

Dalmia Sanjeevani Hand Sanitiser: To meet the growing demand of hand sanitisers due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, DBSIL is manufacturing alcohol-based hand sanitisers as per the WHO recommended formulation. Dalmia Sanjeevani Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-based sanitiser containing 80% ethyl alcohol content which is very effective against viruses.

Dalmia Utsav - A Range of Superior Quality Cane Sugar: With a vision to expand its reach to the consumers, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Limited (DBSIL) has  launched its packaged sugar under the brand name “Dalmia Utsav”.‘Dalmia Utsav’ signifies “Celebrating Purity” and DBSIL aims to provide high-quality sugar to consumers by using a world-class and eco-friendly production process in line with Dalmia Bharat Group’s commitment towards Quality and Sustainability.

Power Business: Dalmia Sugar and Industries Limited has an integrated business model to de-risk itself from the cyclical nature of the sugar industry. Bagasse, a residue left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane, has high calorific value and is used in the generation of electricity, substituting the conventional thermal alternatives and eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases.

Ethanol: Molasses is distilled to produce different kinds of alcohol and the company produces various types of alcohol i.e. Rectified spirit (RS), Extra neutral alcohol (ENA)/Hydrous Alcohol, Ethanol or Anhydrous Ethanol and Denatured spirit (SDS).

Organic Manure: The main customers of organic manure for DBSIL are farmers and tea estates. Its bio-composting facility can produce about 20,000 MT of organic manure per annum. It has an in-house availability of press mud, which is key raw material, from its own sugar factories. This allows for smooth production of good quality organic manure.


  • 1994: First sugar plant commissioned in Ramgarh (2,500 TCD capacity).
  • 2000: Ramgarh plant capacity increased to 5,000 TCD.
  • 2007: Jawaharpur and Nigohi sugar units commissioned. Commissioned co-generation plants (79MW) at Ramgarh, Nigohi and Jawaharpur. Commissioned 80 KLPD distillery in Jawaharpur.
  • 2012: Acquired the Kolhapur unit in September 2012.
  • 2015: Commenced commercial production at Ninaidevi in November 2015.
  • 2016: Commissioned a distillery in Kolhapur.
  • 2019: Increased Jawaharpur distillery capacity to 120KLPD and commissioned the Nigohi distillery (60KLPD). Aggregated the Sangli and Kolhapur unit capacities at 10,700 TCD.
  • 2020: Launched a sugar refinery of 1200 TPD at the Nigohi unit.
  • 2020: Distillery capacity at Nigohi expanded to 110 KLPD.
  • 2022: Brownfield projects successfully and punctually commissioned including expansion of the sugar capacity at Jawaharpur and Nigohi units along with a refinery at Jawaharpur despite the COVID pandemic.
  • 2022: Jawaharpur and Kolhapur distilleries expanded to 220 KLPD and 120 KLPD, respectively.
  • 2022: Ramgarh distillery of 140 KLPD commissioned.
Parent OrganizationDalmia Bharat Sugar And Industries Ltd.Managing DirectorGautam Dalmia
Founded1951NSE SymbolDALMIASUG