About the Company

Chaman Lal Setia started its journey 35 years back as a partnership concern. It went public in 1994 under its present name. This was earned over years of careful understanding of the market dynamics, customer focus and continuous up-gradation and development of technology.

The company has milling and processing capacity of more than 50,000 million tonnes per annum each of raw and of parboiled Basmati Rice alone. They are located amidst the richest of the Basmati paddy fields-at Amritsar in Punjab and Karnal in Haryana. This gives them an eagle’s eye view of more than 140 grain markets spread over more than 4000 square kilometers of rice producing area.

Careful surveys are conducted to make their entire operations economical and for selecting the choicest of the Basmati paddy. These benefits are then shared with their valued customers.

The company is aptly and consciously consolidating existing business and diversifying into new and unexplored markets. It not only has a nation-wide presence in the Indian market, but also has a major presence in the heart of the European, Middle East and Saudi market where the bulk of Basmati trade takes place. Besides they also have devoted clients in numerous markets around the world.

It takes pride in the exceptional longevity of their business relations with their business partners that they do not maintain any difference between a buyer's brand and their brand. The comapny procures natural, pure and ripe paddy basmati grains from farmers and brings it down to its rice mills. It is then most hygienically processed by removing husk and rice bran to give its customers best long grain, fragrant basmati rice.

The company cares for each grain right from procurement from farmers, warehousing, processing and then finally packing in eco-friendly, natural jute and cotton bags of different sizes. They are also packed in recyclable poly pouch, nitrogen flushed to preserve aroma, freshness and prevent infestations. The rice grains remain fresh and cook-worthy in jute and cotton bags because this packing is proved ideal for storage of food grains for long time.


Basmati rice – Basmati can be distinguished from other rice on the basis of its unique combination of grain, cooking and eating characteristics. For centuries basmati rice has been the food of choice for many health conscious consumers. The company’s product portfolio includes:

  • Maharani Basmati rice,
  • Parboiled (converted/muzza) Basmati rice,
  • Raw (polished) Basmati rice,
  • Basmati health rice.

 Achievements/ Recognitions:

  • The company is accredited as an ISO 9002 company by BVQI.
  • A Trading House recognized by the government of India for excellence in exports.
Parent OrganizationChaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd.Managing DirectorVijay Setia
Founded1994NSE SymbolCLSEL