About the Company

Chakkilam Infotech, co-founded by Subramanyam in 1999, is based in Hyderabad with subsidiaries in the US and UK, it offers mature testing processes and methodologies that help ISVs and Enterprise IT organizations to achieve predictable, improved product quality levels, while reducing the time and cost associated with testing.

Chakkilam Infotech is a recognized pioneer in medical transcription in Hyderabad and the HIPAA compliance product developed by Chakkilam was a pioneering effort to build software products in India. The company went public in 2004.

The delivery presence of the company spans Hyderabad, Bangalore and UK. It has more than 16,000 square feet of modern facilities. The main delivery center in Hyderabad is located in the central business district of Hyderabad to offer easy access to all our employees.

It offers a secure and easily configurable development and testing environment that we can customize for a client with specific needs to create a dedicated center. If you need to build a team separated from others with special access control, network control and themes that reflect the principal's office, we can setup a dedicated center within our facilities for teams starting from 10 to 50 resources.

Their people, process and technology show the deep understanding of software testing and its complementary role to development. Their extended Distributed Delivery (XDD) leverages tier-2 cities in India to deliver superior cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Chakkilam also offers teams of experienced test engineers, domain experts, and custom-built tools and frameworks to meet industry-specific testing requirements.

Their testers work collaboratively and yet independently to check, escalate and verify quality. Even as they work 'with' your teams, they will challenge the developers to build better quality. Their testers are technically and mentally trained to deliver.

They can design, develop and execute Functional Tests, Regression Tests, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Usability Testing (especially for compliance), Browser Compatibility Tests and Acceptance Tests.

They have competency in HP Quick Test Professional , Silk, LoadRunner, Quality Center and Open Source tools like Selenium, QATrack, OpenSTA, etc.

Services offered by the company:

  • eXtended Distributed Delivery- Its  XDD (eXtended Distributed Delivery) is a key differentiator to help the clients get to the next level of cost reduction and predictability.
  • Engagement Process- The engagement manager works onsite or offshore in a consultative mode to help the teams to get the best out of the engagement. Chakkilam engages with clients using different models.
  • Agile Processes- Chakkilam understands the need for aligning testing and development processes for fast changing user needs and requirements.
  • They have built a strong independent software quality management, quality assurance and testing services company. Their cTEST methodology combined with XDD delivery network cuts testing costs by 60% while improving testing effectiveness.
  • Chakkilam has worked with enterprises in the healthcare domain to offer transcription and billing solutions for hospitals and doctors.
  • Chakkilam has delivered engineering services in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to enterprises.

Recent development

On June1, 2009 Chakkilam Infotech announced the start of its European operations led by Mark Ferguson based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Parent OrganizationCigniti Technologies Ltd.Managing DirectorC V Subramanyam
Founded1998NSE SymbolCIGNITITEC