About the Company

Chembond Chemicals, incorporated in 1975, is engaged in specialty chemicals business and offers a range of products for industrial applications It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange since 1995.

The company has been growing continuously in sale as well as profits and distributing profits without exception by way of dividend since its inception.

The company offers products for applications in the areas of construction chemicals, industrial coatings and chemical trading. It deals in specialty chemical products like water treatment chemicals, industrial enzymes, metal surface treatment chemicals, and in applications solutions for infrastructure.

In 2010 the company formed a joint venture with H2O Innovation Inc, Canada offering equipment solutions for water treatment.


All Chembond products are tested by experts with several years of industry experience and manufactured at its modern, well equipped plant to exacting quality standards. The company’s product portfolio is as below:

a) Speciality Chemicals Trading –

The list includes:

  • Sodium Gluconate 
  • Sodium Lignosulphonate 
  • Dimethyl Lauryl Amine 
  • Dimenthyl Co-Co Amine
  • Dimethyl Palmityl Amine 
  • Quarternary Amonium Compounds
  • Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde 
  • 1,2,3 Benzotriazole Tolyl Triazole   

b) Anti Corrosive Coatings - Chembond's high performance coatings are formulated to suit tropical and industrial conditions offering the very best in corrosion protection as well as appearance.

c) Construction Chemicals - Introduced in 1994, the construction chemicals range covers a wide spectrum of performance enhancing products adapted to the Indian climatic conditions. These products have been used at a number of large infrastructure projects already.

d) Online Instrumentation - Chembond started out with manufacturing instruments in 1998. It has developed pH and Conductivity meters for lab use. These units are portable and ready for field use also. 

Since 1999 it has been associated with WTW for distribution and back-up of their range of on-line instrumentation products. 

e) Water Treatment Equipment

f) Flocculants


Chembond Ashland Water Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chembond Chemicals

Parent OrganizationChembond Chemicals Ltd.Managing DirectorSameer V Shah
Founded1975NSE SymbolCHEMBOND