About the Company

Celebrity Fashions was incorporated on April 28, 1988 as Celebrity Fashions Private Limited as a small 50 machine factory and with 72 people, in Chennai. The company became a public limited company on September 12, 2005 and subsequently its name got changed to Celebrity Fashions Limited. The company is engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling of men’s garments. It caters to the demand of leading international brands and also to the domestic market through its own brand ‘Indian Terrain’.

Indian Terrain includes a wide range of smart casual cotton work wear, linens, T-shirts, and rugged out door casuals.

Celebrity Fashions today is one of India’s consummate garment exporters with the capability to manufacturing the largest number of trousers in the country. The company also has its own national premier menswear brand, Indian Terrain.

The company is engaged in manufacturing and selling of garments. Its production divisions are backed by top technical and merchandising skills. Its design studios support the divisions and make them world class sourcing partners. Needless to say the state of the art manufacturing facility is used for manufacturing.

The geographical segments of the company are India and rest of the world. The company operates the domestic division through two brands, Indian Terrain and Spirit. Indian Terrian is a leading men’s wear brand in the premium segment. It quickly climbed up to the leader spot across MBO’s like Lifestyle and Hi-fashion stores.

Its clients include companies like Timberland, Gap, Armani jeans, Dockers, Nautica, Vans, etc.

Celebrity has been acknowledged by Timberland for its corporate social responsibility initiatives with an award for the same. Its facility has a 6 bed medical in-house facility with a full time medical team and an active creche.

Celebrity Fashions continuously upgrades its facilities to set new benchmarks in the garment manufacturing industry by always keeping to its quality and time commitments. The infrastructure facility feed the Gerber cutters with an output of 50,000+ trousers per day. As in October 2007 Celebrity Fashions had about 5000 sewing machines in operation including 14 etonised lines for the bottoms division and at that time have a capacity of 750,000 trousers & 500,000 tops per month.

It has a washing capacity of 35,000 pieces per day. Types of wash include:Softner wash, Silicon softner wash, Enzyme wash, Biowash, Stone wash, Bio stone wash, Rubber ball wash, Golf ball wash, Acid wash, Crackle wash, Caustic wash, Dark wash and Light wash (Denim) Stiffner wash. Garments are manufactured with a variety of performance finishes like wrinkle free and stain free, sand blasting, spraying, grinding and viscouring.

Celebrity Product Development Centre aims to provide a full & comprehensive service to all internal and external customers. With a highly skilled Technical Team that has the capabilities of developing concepts through to final product, customers can have total confidence that their specific and individual requirements will be met. Close liaison with all suppliers of the company ensures that the latest technology and specialist technical knowledge is integrated to ensure as partners to achieve the final results its customers require.

It provides its clients with various design support – such as CADD – for plaids & prints, Trend analysis and Life style presentation.

Recent developments

Celebrity Fashions Limited has suspended its  Chennai operations in May 2008.

Parent OrganizationCelebrity Fashions Ltd.Managing DirectorVidyuth Rajagopal
Founded1988NSE SymbolCELEBRITY