About the Company

Career Point was incorporated as public limited company on March 31, 2000, under the Companies Act. The Promoter of the Company is Pramod Maheshwari, who has been in the business of tutoring for competitive entrance examinations since 1993 and the business was being administered under proprietorship firms of Pramod Maheshwari, Om Prakash Maheshwari and Nawal Kishore Maheshwari, its Promoters.

However, during Financial Year 2002, the Promoters started undertaking tutoring services via Franchisee Centres through the company. Subsequently, from April 1, 2006 it also started providing tutoring services through Company Operated Training Centres.

The company was created with an object to undertake development and/or trade in sale, import, export of computer software and all varieties of information technology services like medical transcription, GIS/GPS mapping, data entries, data conversion, internet services, intranet services, networking like WAN, LAN and its related protocols, e-commerce, forex operations relation to software, hardware consultancy, hiring, installation sale, export, import, maintenance of computer hardware, platform changing peripherals, and related services either on direct contract or sub-contract basis and running and maintaining institute/school providing general education and coaching in science, math, medical, commerce, arts, engineering and computer education, training, information technologies and training covering, inter-alia to carry on the business of research and development, designing, manufacturing and trading in all types of computer software and hardware in all areas including management information systems, database services, data warehousing, industrial applications, office systems, automation systems etc.

Business area of the company

It is a leading Indian education company with strong brand equity of providing quality education since 1993. With a strong foundation of academic excellence, Career Point caters to the needs of a student throughout the life cycle of a student (K.G. to PhD.). The company has diversified products and integrated services in both regulated and non-regulated education segments including Pre-school, School Education (K-12), Test-Prep (Tutorial Services), Higher Education (Universities), e-Learning and Vocational Education.

Career Point (popularly known as ‘CP’) has established a strong niche in test preparation and school curriculum tutoring through a nationwide extensive network of Company operated branches; Franchisee centers; School integrated programs; Technology enabled solutions; Online courses; and Distance learning solutions. In the Formal Education stream, the company has a strong presence by managing and offering various services to K-12 Schools (Residential and Day-schools), Colleges and Universities in multiple geographies.

Business of the company

  • Tutorial Services
  • e-Learning Solutions
  • Pre-School and K12
  • Residential Schools
  • Higher Education
  • Skill Development

History and milestones

  • 2000: Formation of the company as a public limited company viz., Career Point Infosystems Limited
  • 2002: Launched franchisee learning centres as a part of its expansion plans
  • 2006: Ventured into providing tutoring services through Company Operated Training
  • 2007: Launched synchro-school programme
  • 2007: Investment by M/s Volrado Venture Partners
  • 2008: Launched Career Point Knowledge Lab in Kota
  • 2008: Test launch of “TechEdge” class
  • 2008: Executed management cooperation agreement with Singhania University for establishing university off campus
  • 2009: Investment of Rs. 500 million in the company by FTPES, portfolio managed by Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Limited
  • 2009: Executed management services agreement with the Gopi Bai Foundation Trust Kota (Raj.) for providing management services to Global Public School
  • 2010: Executed MOU with Hughes Communications India Limited
  • 2010: Investment of Rs. 100 million in the company by Mr. Nadathur Srinivasa Raghvan, Partner for and on behalf of Kalpa Partners
  • 2010: Executed MOU with Gopi Bai Foundation Trust Kota (Raj.) for providing Education Consultancy and Management Services for the proposed University at Alania, Kota, Rajasthan
  • 2012: The company has opened Career Point University at Kota (Rajasthan) and Hamirpur (H.P.)
  • 2013: The company has opened Gurukul, Kota and CP world School in Jodhpur
  • 2014: The company has set up Skill development and skill school (Global Kids)
  • 2016: The company has opened Gurukul, Mohali and CP Publications
  • 2018: The company has made acquisition in e-learning space by acquiring Plancess Edusolutions
  • 2019: The company has opened Career Point coaching version 2.0 & e-classroom
  • 2020: The company has launched eCareer point android app
  • 2021: Govt. exams preparation live classes and assessment
  • 2022: Product development in test prep space on hybrid made - (Physical + Digital) and building distribution network
Parent OrganizationCareer Point Ltd.Managing DirectorPramod Maheshwari
Founded2000NSE SymbolCAREERP